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The Hiring Process



The NYCDOE hired more than 5,000 new teachers to NYC public schools for the 2013-14 school year. At the present time, district public schools in NYC may hire external teachers (teachers not currently employed by the NYCDOE) in the following subject areas:

  • Early Childhood Education (Birth to Grade 2)
  • Childhood Education (Grades 1-6)
  • Adolescent English
  • Adolescent Mathematics
  • Adolescent Sciences
  • Adolescent Social Studies
  • Special Education: all grade ranges
  • Bilingual (all of the above licenses)
  • English as a Second Language
  • Arts including visual arts, music, theater and dance
  • Most foreign languages including Spanish, Chinese, Latin and French
  • Other subjects may be hired on a case by case basis only

Hiring needs and restrictions may shift, so interested applicants should check their website frequently for updates. 


In addition to specific subject areas, we’re looking for teachers willing to work in our high-need schools. These schools are often some of New York City's most successful schools, but face diverse challenges in helping their students achieve academic progress. High need schools often have high percentages of students with special needs, including English language learners (ELLs) and special education students. Schools in low income neighborhoods, including central Brooklyn and the Bronx, are also often classified as high-need because of their difficulties in attracting large numbers of applicants. 

The NYCDOE offers financial incentives to teachers in high-need schools, including the opportunity for performance bonuses and grants, in order to attract the best teachers.


The Open Market Hiring System (OMT) is open annual from April through August for use by current teachers and other employees in eligible UFT-titles in active service or on an approved leave who are seeking transfer to a different school. After the closing date in August, a release from your current principal is required for transfer, unless you have been placed in excess. Note that applications for new schools must be submitted using the process indicated on the new schools site, which also offers information on the new schools, positions, application process and selection criteria. For questions, contact HR Connect at (718) 935-4000.


All teacher candidates interested in positions in New York City public schools must complete the NYC DOE’s online application.
It is important that you visit the TeachNYC website to begin the online application process. There are Application Deadline dates given on the website that change periodically.
Please know that the online application process is not something that can be completed in fifteen minutes. You should prepare yourself in advance as much as possible so you can either download or cut and paste the following information:

  • Details regarding your teaching and professional experience
  • Proof of NYS certification (your scanned certificate, or for graduating students, a scanned letter from Hunter or current transcript). 
  • Academic history including GPA
  • Professional references (at least one, but no more than three)
  • Current resume
  • Well thought out responses to four writing prompts (Please see attached Essay Question Examples for information about what should be included.)

For more information on how to complete the application, please review our Teacher Application Guide.


After it has been submitted, your online application will be reviewed by the NYC DOE’s Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality to determine whether or not you are eligible for job-search support.  Candidates who are eligible for job-search support are admitted into the New Teacher Finder, which principals can use to post open positions and to contact candidates.  Candidates may also receive invitations through the New Teacher Finder to attend job fairs or other recruitment events.
Candidates are also encouraged to contact schools directly to express their interest in available positions for the upcoming school year.  The best way to contact schools is to mail or fax your cover letter and resume.  For elementary or middle schools, you should address these items to the school’s principal.  For high schools, you should address these items to the assistant principal who oversees your subject area, if known, or to the principal.
You can visit the New York City Department of Education website to see a list of public schools in a particular borough, district, or zip code.  Each school has a school portal on the NYC Department of Education website.  The school portal contains basic information about the school, including address, grades served, and the name of the principal.  These school portals also contain links to the school’s Learning Environment Surveys, Quality Reviews, and Progress Reports.
An independent website,, is an additional source of information on New York City public schools.  InsideSchools sends reporters to conduct independent reviews of NYC public schools, and these reviews can be found on their website. 


Charter schools are publicly funded schools that are free and open to all students but operate autonomously.  New York City charter schools establish their own hiring processes are not subject to the same hiring restrictions as NYC DOE schools.
You can visit the website of the New York City Center for Charter Schools to see a list of charter schools by borough, grade level, or district, along with links to each school’s website:  Each New York City charter school also has school portal on the NYC DOE website, which includes basic information and links to the school’s Learning Environment Survey and Progress Report.
The NYC Center for Charter Schools also maintains a list of available teaching positions at charter schools:  Many New York City charter schools also post openings on the Idealist job board, located at
You are also advised to visit each school’s website for information on available positions and the hiring process.


Most private schools now have websites that include a description of the mission, atmosphere and school ratings, as well as current and projected needs for faculty and staff. 
To assist you, we have created a list private schools that is broken down by borough and Hunter College Program.  We have included only those schools with websites in this resource.  As you review the private schools, take notes on what you like about the school for your cover letter.  In some cases the school website will have other links providing further information about the school.  In most cases you will find the following information on school websites:
•    Description of school and community
•    Mission of school
•    Description of student body
•    Contact information
•    Vacancy notices
•    Special events and activities of the school

The website also maintains profiles of private schools. You can use these links to find profiles for private schools in each of the five boroughs: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island

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