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List of OES Staff & Program Coordinators


OES Staff
Name Title
Hours Email

Ileana Infante
Director of Childhood & Early Childhood Clinical Experiences
Christina Kim
Director of Educational Services & Certification Officer
11.00-12.00; 4.00-5.30
Andrew King
Recruitment & Admissions Coordinator
Kenney Robinson
Director of Adolescent Education Clinical Experiences Mon, Tues, Thurs


Program Coordinators and Advisers

Program Adviser Room
212-772 Email address
Administration & Supervision
Dr. Marcia Knoll
1025W 4761

Adolescent Education (undergrad)

Adolescent Chinese

Adolescent Latin

Adolescent Music

Adolescent Sciences

Dr. Jeanne Weiler
1125W 212-650-3459
Adolescent English
Dr. Jason Wirtz 927W 4728
Adolescent Foreign Languages
Dr. Jenny Castillo
905W 4614
Adolescent Math
Dr. Patrick Burke
927E 396-6043
Adolescent Social Studies
Dr. Debbie Sonu
1112W 5445
Adolescent Special Education Dr. Dana Gathers 921W 5667
Advanced Preparation in Special Education Dr. Timothy Lackaye 917W 4777
Applied Behavior Analysis Dr. John Brown 807W 650-3150
Bilingual Education
Dr. Brian Collins
949W 4661
Childhood Education/QUEST
Jason Riffaterre
1002W 4638
Childhood Education with STEM Specialization Dr. Dennis Robbins 917W 4287
Childhood Special Education: Behavior Disorders Dr. Thomas McIntyre 914W 4706
Childhood Special Education: Learning Disabilities Dr. Kate Garnett
920W 4749
Dance Education Dr. Kathleen Isaac TH 521 396-6635
Early Childhood Dr. Christina Taharally (last names A-J)
Dr. Carmen Brown (last names K-R)
Dr. Lacey Peters (last names S-Z) 




Deaf & Hard of Hearing Dr. Susan Lipkowitz 918W 4702
Early Childhood Special Education
Jason Riffaterre
1002W 4638
Educational Psychology
Dr. Peggy Chen
1123W 4754
Gifted Education
Dr. Elissa Brown
918W 4618
Literacy Dr. Yang Hu
901W 4753
Mental Health Counseling Dr. Elizabeth Cardoso 1120W 4736
Rehabilitation Counseling
Dr. Elizabeth Cardoso 1120W 4736
School Counseling
Dr. Tamara R. Buckley 1116W 4758
Severe/Multiple Disabilities; Blind/Visually Impaired; VI: Rehab Teaching
Dr. Rosanne Silberman
916W 4740
TESOL Dr. Laura Baecher
1011W 4747
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