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Teacher Certification

Register on the New York State Education Department (NYSED) TEACH Online System.

Registering on TEACH will allow you to update your contact information, education and teaching experiences, and to ensure that certification examination results are correct and to apply for fingerprint clearance (see below for more information on fingerprint clearance). 

Once you have registered on TEACH, you will use the same username/password to apply for your initial and/or professional certification towards the end of your program. Instructions on how to register on TEACH are available online.



If you are completing or have completed a NYS certification program for teachers, school counselors and school building leaders/school district leaders, you will apply for your certification through the New York State Education Department. All certificate applications are processed online through the TEACH online system. You must be registered on TEACH before you can apply for certification. Instructions on how to register on TEACH are available online. Institutional recommendations are sent automatically and electronically to NYSED only after your graduation has been posted to your record.

Instructional handouts on applying for certification have been designed to help you through the process. Find your program from the program code list and read through all of the instructions. Recommendations are sent after your graduation is posted by degree audit division.

Keep in mind the basic requirements for certification* in all areas:

  • Complete your program of study;
  • Pass all required New York State Teacher Certification Exams (ALST, EAS, CST(s)* and edTPA);
  • Complete the DASA workshop;
  • Clear your fingerprints with NYSED. If you were fingerprinted by the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE), you need not apply again; submit the OSPRA 104 form instead. If you have not been fingerprinted yet, apply online and post fingerprint cards separately. Visit our Fingerprinting page for more information.
*List of exams for certification by specific program area.

Note: The School of Education reserves the right not to recommend for certification any student who has committed a serious breach of professional ethics or behavior.

Applying for Professional Certification

Students who graduate from a master's degree certification program will be recommended for initial and professional certification (in the area of their graduate study at Hunter College). Most graduates will apply for the initial certificate when they graduate. Once teacher candidates have completed three years of full-time, paid teaching experience (including one year of mentored teaching), they can apply for professional certification. The instructions on applying for professional certification are nearly the same as applying for initial certifiation and they are available on our web site. Recommendation for professional certification should already be on the NYSED TEACH account.

Note: The School of Education reserves the right not to recommend for certification any student who has committed a serious breach of professional ethics or behavior.

Students with Prior Certification (Applying through Certificate Progression Pathway)

Some graduate students may have initial certification before they started their programs at Hunter College because their program required initial certification for admission. Students with prior certification can apply for professional certification after three years of teaching experience in addition to their master's degree. Permanent certification is no longer an option, except for school counselors. Students with initial certification in an area outside of their certification program at Hunter College will apply for their professional certification through Certificate Progression pathway. We cannot recommend for professional certification for these prior certificates (e.g. Literacy student cannot be recommended for professional certificate in childhood education) so do not use your Hunter College program code to apply for professional certification in another area.

Hunter College can only recommend students in short programs (those that required initial certification) for certification that is related to their program. (Refer to our Certification Chart for information on which certificates we can recommend based on your program at Hunter). TESOL program 2 can only recommend for certification in ESOL; Childhood Special Education (LD & BD) short program can only recommend for Students with Disabilities Grades 1-6 certification. Students who hold certification in areas outside of their program will apply for the next level certification through Certificate Progression pathway. Follow these instructions on applying for your professional certification through Certificate Progression.

School counseling graduates who already hold provisional certificates can apply for their permanent certificate through the approved preparation program pathway. We have instructions on our web site. Recommendations are sent after graduation is posted.

Questions about certification or requests for recommendations should be directed to the School of Education, Office of Educational Services at Please check on your TEACH account first before emailing us on your application status and to see if recommendation was already sent and entered in to your account.


Current Students

 All students should register themselves with NYSED's TEACH Online Services. Instructions are available online.


Students with Expiring Certificates

If you are currently certified in initial or transitional B certificate and will not graduate in time to meet the master’s requirement for your expiring certificate, you may be eligible for an extension to the validity of your certification. Apply for the extension to your teaching certificate online through NYSED’s TEACH Online Services.  If you have not registered yet with NYSED's TEACH Online Services, follow our instructions on how to register on TEACH. Be sure you have access to a printer and pay for your time extension with a credit card. Once you have completed your application online, you will be instructed to submit all documentation, including official transcripts to NYSED. Please follow their instructions thoroughly. You will need to write out your plan of completion and have your program adviser sign it. You will also need a program status letter to accompany your extension application. You can make your request for a status letter by emailing You can order your official transcript through the Hunter College web site. 

Visit NYSED's FAQs page on Expired Certificates/Time Extensions/Renewals

Applying for certification prior to program completion (Individual Evaluation Pathway)

Students who seek certification prior to completing their program and graduating may apply to NYSED directly for certification. This process is called individual evaluation and it is not available for all certification areas. Currently NYSED does not accept applications for certification through individual evaluation for the following certification areas as a first certificate option: Early Childhood Education, Childhood Education, Literacy, English Language Arts and School Leader. These certificates are only available to those who complete an approved preparation program or those seeking additional certification. 

If you wish to proceed with your certificate application via Individual Evaluation Pathway, you will need to register on TEACH and apply for certification without using a program code. After selecting "Apply for Certificate" under "Online Application", you will proceed through profile verification and update page. Select the Certificate Title and Certificate Type and "Add". On the next page, you will need to ensure that you select Option B: "No, I have not completed, nor am I enrolled in, an Approved Teacher Preparation Program at a New York State College or University for this certificate and this type." The next page will ask about Interstate Reciprocity--if you do not have certification from another state in this area, this is not an option for you. Continue on with the application and select, "I want my application to be reviewed by the State Education Department." Finish the rest of the application process by signing the Affidavit and paying the application fee. It is your responsibility to order all relevant official transcript(s) and send them to NYSED. You should also continue to check on your TEACH account if your certificate is issued or if you have any deficiencies. The School of Education does not provide advisement around courses to take if your review results in deficiencies.

Students in the School Counseling may apply for provisional certification through the Individual Evatluation Pathway after completing 30 credits. You will apply using the same instructions as above.

Internship Certificate

Current students who are eligible for practicum and secure a teaching position that requires NYS certification may apply for an internship certificate.

You may be eligible for an Internship Certificate if you are a graduate student in a master’s degree program leading to initial certification and:

  1. You hold a teaching position that requires you to have NYS Certification in order to retain that position, or you have a commitment for a teaching position with the proviso that you obtain NYS Certification (deadline date for obtaining this letter of commitment is the last day of late registration);
  2. You meet the eligibility requirements for practicum; and
  3. You have completed the NYSED's required DASA (anti-bullying) workshop;

The Internship Certificate allows a teacher candidate to serve as a teacher of record while completing the master’s degree program. Because of the requirement for college supervision during the internship period, the School of Education will recommend teacher candidates only after they have registered for practicum and no earlier than two weeks prior to the start of the semester. You must be enrolled in the practicum course and be supervised by a faculty member of the Hunter School of Education during each semester that you hold the Internship Certificate.

The general criteria for an Internship Certificate recommendation are as follows:

  1. The candidate must provide a letter from the principal or director of the school or other educational agency (on institution’s letterhead) in New York City indicating offer of a teaching position provided that NYS internship certification is obtained. Subject and grade level must be specified.
  2. The candidate must provide proof of enrollment in practicum during the semester of the Internship period.
  3. Students who are eligible for practicum are not eligible for the internship certificate.


Special Education (Early Childhood and Childhood Grades) candidates may apply for and teach only under the Students with Disabilities certificate. Under no circumstances may Special Education students apply for a General Education internship certificate.

Please note that all pre-requisite courses for your program’s practicum course must be completed before applying for the Internship Certificate.

Application Timeline: You must apply and be eligible for practicum first. All students eligible for practicum will be sent an email with a link to the Hunter College School of Education internship certificate application form. Students may submit this form prior to obtaining a teaching position--commitment letters from schools may be turned in by the end of regular registration. Once students have submitted our application form with all required documents and submit an approved offer of employment, students will receive instructions on applying for the internship certificate through NYSED. Recommendations for the internship certificate will be sent no earlier than two weeks prior to the start of the semester and no later than the last date of regular registration. Any job offers that come in after the last date of regular registration will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

If you have questions about practicum, email If you have questions about the internship certificate, email Please include your EmplID in all of your correspondences.

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