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You are here: Home School of Education Current Students New York State Certification Certification Instructions by Program Special Education Programs (MSED) Early Childhood Special Education (Severe / Multiple Disabilities Annotation) Program 1A & 1B

Early Childhood Special Education (Severe / Multiple Disabilities Annotation) Program 1A & 1B



*If you have not registered with TEACH Online Services, follow the instructions on how to register first.



STEP 1: Verify/Update Profile

Verify/Update Profile will ask for your Education and Employment information. Enter all the information from a baccalaureate to present. Hunter College is an Approved New York Teacher Certification Programs.

  • Award Title: “Master of Science in Education”
    Program Code:”27327 - E CHLDHD SPEC ED W/ANNOT IN SEV DIS”
    Major: “Education”
  • Enter all full-time, paid teaching experience (in both public and private schools).


STEP 2: Select Certificate(s)

Select your Certificate Title (You can apply for three certificates)

  • Select your Area of Interest: a & b) Classroom Teacher; and c) Classroom Teacher Extensions
  • Select your Subject Area: a & b) Early Childhood Education; and c) Special Education
  • Select the Grade Level: a & b) Birth - Grade 2; and c) Pre K-12 All Grades
  • Select the Title: a) Students with Disabilities Birth - Grade 2; b) Early Childhood Education Birth to Grade 2; and c) Severe or Multiple Disabilities Annotation
  • Select your Certificate Type: Initial or Professional
    Note: Initial if you have less than 3 years of teaching experience; professional if you have 3 or more years of teaching experience.
    The certificate type for the Severe or Multiple Disabilities Extension must match the certificate type of the valid NYSED certificate you already possess. If you are applying for an initial Childhood Education certificate, apply for the initial extension annotation.

You must [Add] each certificate you want to apply for.

On the next page, enter the Program Code “27327”, then [Submit] and select the radio button and select [Next].


STEP 3: Sign Affidavit

Answer all *questions and click on [Sign Affidavit]. By signing this affidavit, you are confirming that the information you have provided is true and contains no misrepresentations.


STEP 4: Confirm and Sign Application

Make sure that you have completed the correct application and click on [Sign Application].


STEP 5: Make Payment

It is highly advised to pay by credit card. Credit card transactions are easier to track.

The next page will show “Application Transaction Summary”. This will help you keep track of what you need to do in order to obtain your certificate.


STEP 6: Send email for Recommendation

Email with the Subject: Online application complete and include in your message your:

  • First and Last Name as registered with Hunter;
  • Last 4 digits of your Student ID number; and
  • Certificate-Early Childhood Special Education and Severe/Multiple Disabilities Annotation.



If you have applied for a certificate but have not yet graduated, the status of your certificate application will be “Not Ready for Review”. Once your graduation is posted, have met all the requirements and have institutional recommendation, your status will change to “Ready for Review” and NYSED will then review your application.

If have problems using TEACH, report them online directly to the TEACH Tech Support through their Web site at

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