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Amy Johnson Lachuk

Associate Professor of Literacy Education
HW 1121

Amy Johnson Lachuk has taught young children in urban school districts in Baltimore and Milwaukee, as well as adult learners in Brooklyn and Queens. Professor Lachuk earned her B.A. in English Literature, her M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction (Multicultural Education) and her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction (Literacy Studies) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Before joining Hunter, Professor Lachuk was on faculty at the University of South Carolina.


Professor Lachuk teaches literacy methods courses in the Childhood Education and QUEST programs.


Professor Lachuk's research uses narrative and sociocultural approaches to investigate literacy learning and practice within person's life histories. She has won numerous awards for this research, including: the Narrative Research SIG Early Career Research Award (2011, American Educational Research Association), the Promising Research Award (2008, National Council of Teachers of English), the J. Michael Parker Award (2007, National Reading Conference), the College of Education Early Career Research Award (2009, University of South Carolina), and the Nila Banton Smith Research Dissemination grant (2009, International Reading Association).  

Professor Lachuk has published articles in journals including: Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood; Early Childhood Education Journal; English Education; Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy; Journal of Early Childhood Literacy; Journal of Research in Rural Education; Journal of Teacher Education; Middle School Journal; Race, Ethnicity, and Education; The Reading Teacher; Revista Interuniversitaria de Formación de Profesorado; Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice; Teaching and Teacher Education; and the National Reading Conference’s Annual Yearbook.

Currently, Professor Lachuk is collaborating with colleagues in the United States and Iceland on a narrative inquiry into their practices as literacy teacher educators. She is writing a field guide for integrating clinically-rich practices into a literacy teacher education course titled A Field Guide for Beginning Literacy Teachers: Learning to Teach with Integrity and Trustworthiness.

Sample Publications
Burton, M., Brown, K., & Johnson, A.S. (2013). Storylines of Rural Teachers in the United States: A Narrative Analysis of the Literature. Journal of Research in Rural Education, 28 (12), pp. 1-18.

Johnson Lachuk, A.S., Gomez, M.L., & Powell, S. (2013). "What Does It Mean to be the 'Pride of Pinesville?: Opportunities Facilitated and Constrained." In K. Bhopal & U. Maylor (Eds.). Educational Inequalities: Difference and Diversity in Schools and Higher Education (pp. 193-211). New York: Routledge.

Johnson Lachuk, A.S. & Gomez, M.L. (2013).  Becoming Answerable to Our Participants: A Methodological Essay on Life History. In C. Rhodes & K. Weiss (Eds.). Ethical Issues in Literacy Research (pp. 9-20). New York: Routledge.

Gomez, M.L., & Johnson Lachuk, A.S. (2012). The Ideological Becoming of International Graduate Assistants Working in A United States University. Revista Interuniversitaria de Formación de Profesorado, 26 (3), pp. 133-144.

Johnson Lachuk, A.S. & Mosley, M.R. (2012). Us & Them? Narrating Preservice Teachers’ White Racial Identities, Narrating Our White Racial Identities. Race, Ethnicity, and Education, 15 (3), pp. 311-330.

Gomez, M.L., Khursid, A., Freitag, M.B., & Johnson Lachuk, A.S. (2011). Microaggressions in Graduate Students’ Lives: How They Are Encountered and Their Consequences. Teaching and Teacher Education, 27 (8), pp. 1189-1199.

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