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Carmen Brown

Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education

1105 Hunter West

Dr. Carmen S. Brown earned her undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees from the State University of New York at Buffalo. She has taught in special education programs, early childhood programs and in Head Start in Buffalo, New York.  In 2001, she was a teacher participant in the Preschool Curriculum Evaluation Research (PCER) project.  The PCER project was an evaluation of the efficacy of preschool curricula.  Dr. Brown's interest in children's mathematical thinking grew as she had the opportunity to work with early childhood mathematics experts at the University of Buffalo. During her graduate studies, she was the director of implementation for a research study entitled: Scaling Up the Implementation of a Pre-Kindergarten Mathematics Curricula: Teaching for Understanding with Trajectories and Technologies. Dr. Brown's responsibilities included professional development support, and the training and supervision of project math coaches and mentors.

In 2008, Dr. Brown went back to her roots in language and literacy development in early childhood. She was hired by Read to Succeed Buffalo to work on an Early Reading First (ERF) project as a literacy coach. In 2009, she became the instructional manager for the project. She was responsible for the supervision of the ERF literacy coaches and managing all educational aspects of the program. Dr. Brown developed and facilitated professional development modules that encompassed the developmental progression of language and literacy development in preschool children. With the collaboration of ERF partners, literacy coaches and teachers, Dr. Brown was instrumental in creating a professional development video, Motivating Young Minds:  Best Practices in Early Literacy, which documented the successful strategies learned during the ERF project.

More recently, Dr. Brown was the Early Childhood Program Manager for Read to Succeed Buffalo. In this role, she designed program models to support early childhood literacy through a continuum of development from six weeks through age eight.

As a career teacher educator, Dr. Brown has extensive experience presenting at national and state conferences on both math and literacy topics. She has presented at the National Association for the Education of Young Children, International Reading Association, American Educational Research Association and the National Training Institute for infants and toddlers.


Dr. Brown currently teaches graduate courses in early childhood mathematics, and in language and literacy development - birth through kindergarten. In both courses, she emphasizes the developmental progression of language, literacy and math skills in early childhood. Professor Brown's previous college teaching includes literacy in the content areas and curriculum development in education.


Dr. Brown's research interests include: Professional development and coaching in early childhood;  Using Response to Intervention strategies in early childhood; and the developmental progression of language and literacy development in toddlers, specifically focusing on phonological awareness.


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