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Jody Polleck

Assistant Professor of Adolescent Literacy. Coordinator and Adviser for the Adolescent Literacy Program.

906 West
(212) 772-4639

Jody Polleck completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland-College Park, majoring in journalism and English with a minor in women's studies.  She began her work with urban adolescents in 1994 as an outreach counselor for runaway teenagers in Washington, D.C.  In 1999, she received her Master's in English education at the University of South Florida and worked as a high school reading and English teacher in a dropout prevention program.  In 2002, she received National Board Certification for adolescent and young adulthood/English language arts.  In 2003, Jody received a full fellowship to New York University where she completed her doctoral degree in English education in 2007.  In addition to teaching and researching at Hunter College, Jody trains teachers and administrators at the district, state, and national level and has developed several district and regional curriculum guides for reading, English, and social studies.  Jody also still holds a position at local high school, where she serves as a literacy intervention specialist for students who struggle with reading and writing.


Jody teaches courses in the adolescent literacy and English education programs.  These classes include the following:

EDLIT 738:  Literacy Research for Change

EDLIT 740:  Leadership in Literacy

EDLIT 755:  Literacy Instruction for Struggling Readers and Writers

EDLIT 757:  Practicum in Literacy Assessment and Intervention-Grades 5-12

SEDC 711:  Advanced Study of Young Adult Literature in our Diverse Society


Jody's research focus is on urban adolescents and culturally responsive and differentiated literacy instruction across the content areas. Specifically, she has worked with urban adolescents and their experiences in student-led book and writing clubs, exploring how these alternative, supplemental forums are effective in not only promoting literacy skills but also social and emotional development. She is also looking at the complexities and intersections of race, class, gender, and sexuality within these environments and how they can be used as places for empowerment and advocacy. Finally, Jody is currently conducting practitioner, action research, particularly with her work as an English teacher and a literacy intervention specialist at the secondary level.

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