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John Toth

Assistant Professor of the Arts in Education

212 772-4685
1138 West

 John Toth is an international intermedia artist who uses computer technology as a prime instrument for layering sculpture, painting, music, sound, dance, video and poetry.  Toth’s current artworks explore image at the interface of language. His multi-perceptual installations have been presented at The Brooklyn Museum, Lincoln Center, The National Museum of Photography, Film and Television, England, The Corcoran Gallery of Art - Washington, Fundacion para el Arte Contemporaneo - Mexico City and Santa Monica Museum of Art - Santa Monica. Dr. Toth received his Ph.D. in Media and Communications from the European Graduate School in Saas-fee, Switzerland and his MFA at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri in Sculpture.




Dr. Toth brings to the Hunter College School of Education his expertise in fusing aesthetic education with technology in a way that bridges the gap between the arts and sciences.  Professor Toth’s rich theoretical background in aesthetics comes from his twenty years in working as a teaching artist at the Lincoln Center Institute. He describes his intermedia background as an interdisciplinary practice that opens the possibility of communication across knowledge modalities that restore a bond between the senses and reason, a place where theory and practice merge.



Dr. Toth’s theoretical background in Media and Communications considers the effect of electronic hypermedia in the learning environment of the arts classroom. His research in electronic arts derives from 15 years of presenting electronic arts projects and workshops into the classroom throughout the United States. Guided by an aesthetic approach, this pedagogy considers aesthetic reflection of the beautiful and sublime as defined by Immanuel Kant, refined by Maxine Greene and brought into the present by Gregory Ulmer. The importance of this research suggests the sublime as the misunderstood threshold of creativity that is situated at the boundary between imagination and reason.  Dr. Toth considers the electronic portfolio as the Twenty-first century instrument that provides educators with an interface that allows learners to develop aesthetic judgment and self-critical assessment. Dr. Toth’s research suggests that teachers become curators who hyper-mediate learning experiences that are published to a global community of learners on the Internet.

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