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Laura Baecher

Associate Professor of TESOL
1011 Hunter West

Dr. Baecher is passionate about serving English language learners and their teachers, and has been involved in the TESOL field as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher to adolescents and adults, in school, community, and university settings; as a program administrator for ESL services, as a mentor teacher and as a teacher educator and researcher.  She obtained her doctorate in the field of TESOL at Teachers College, Columbia University. 



Dr. Baecher teaches courses for PreK-12 teacher candidates in the MA TESOL program, and supports the placements of student teachers at sites in the New York City public schools.  Her current courses include:

EdESL 785/788:  Practicum in TESOL

EdESL 771:  K-12 Curriculum and Materials in the Content Areas

EdESL 796:  Methods in TESOL

She continues to maintain strong connections to the public school community of ESL teachers and students through her involvement in the New York City Teaching Fellows program, in which she prepares full-time teachers working towards their MA in TESOL. 



Dr. Baecher's research, teaching, and service activities are shaped by three common and related aims: 1. examining the work of practicing ESL teachers, 2. increasing the quality of TESOL teacher education, and 3. engaging a collaborative partnership of faculty, teacher leaders, and teacher candidates to advocate for English language learners. She has published and presented nationally on the subject of video analysis of lessons in the process of teacher development, the challenges facing ESL teachers, and the connection of teacher preparation to teacher practice.  Selected publications include:

Baecher, L. & Jewkes, A. (2014). TESOL and Early Childhood collaborative inquiry: Joining forces and crossing boundaries. Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education, 35(1), 39-53.

Baecher, L., Farnsworth, T. & Ediger, A. (2014). Teachers’ challenges in planning language objectives in content-based ESL instruction. Language Teaching Research, 18(1), 118-136.

Baecher, L., Kung, S.C., Jewkes, A. & Rosalia, C. (2013).  The role of video in early field experiences. Teaching and Teacher Education 36, 189-197.

Baecher, L., Knoll, M. & Patti, J.  (2013).  Addressing English language learners in the school leadership curriculum: Mapping the terrain. Journal of Research on Leadership Education, 8(3), 280-303.

Lindahl, K., Baecher, L., & Tomas, Z. (2013). Teacher language awareness in content-based activity design. Journal of Immersion and Content-Based Language, 1(2), 198-225.

Baecher, L., Schieble, M., Rosalia, C., & Rorimer, S. (2013). Blogging for academic purposes with English language learners: An online fieldwork initiative. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, 13(1). Retrieved from

Baecher, L. (2012). Integrating clinical experiences in a TESOL teacher education program: Curriculum mapping as process. TESOL Journal, 3(4), 537–551. 

Baecher, L. (2012). Feedback from the field: What novice PreK-12 ESL teachers want to tell TESOL teacher educators. TESOL Quarterly, Special Issue on Novice Professionals in TESOL, 46(3), 578-588. 

Bell, A. & Baecher, L. (2012).  Points on a continuum: ESL teachers reporting on collaboration. TESOL Journal, Special Issue on Teacher Collaboration in TESOL, 3(3), 488-515.

Baecher, L.  (2012). Pathways to teacher leadership among English as a second language teachers: Professional development by and for emerging teacher leaders. Professional Development in Education, 38(2), 317-330.

Baecher, L., Rorimer, S., & Smith, L.  (2012).  Video-mediated teacher collaborative inquiry: Focus on English language learners. The High School Journal, 95(3), 49-61. 

*Baecher, L., Artigliere, M, Patterson, D. & Spatzer, A. (2012). Differentiated instruction as “Variation on a Theme”: English language learners in the middle school. Middle School Journal, 43(3), 14-21.

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