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Nicora Placa

Doctoral Lecturer

1103 West




Ph.D., Mathematics Education, September 2017, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development New York University, New York, NY.

Master of Science in Education, May 2005 Mercy College, New Teacher Residency Program, Dobbs Ferry, NY New York City Teaching Fellow

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Arts in Communication, May 2000 University of Pennsylvania, College of Arts and Sciences, Philadelphia, PA




CEDC 705

CEDC 739




My research focuses on how to foster the development of students' mathematical practices in early grades. I am especially interested in how young students develop the ability to justify their mathematical reasoning and the role it plays in their conceptual understanding. In addition, my work explores teacher learning, particularly urban K-12 teachers of mathematics (pre-service and in-service) and teacher leaders.




Simon, M.A., Placa, N., & Avitzur, A. (2014). Two Stages of Mathematics Concept Learning. Proceedings of the 38th Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education and the 36th Conference of the North American Chapter of the Psychology of Mathematics Education (pp. 201-208). Vancouver, Canada: PME.

Placa, N. & Simon, M.A. (2012). Demonstrating The Usefulness Of The Participatory-Anticipatory Distinction. Proceedings of the Thirty-Fourth Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (pp. 1156-1162 ). Kalamazoo, MI: Western Michigan University.

Simon, M. A., & Placa, N. (2012). Reasoning about intensive quantities in whole-number multiplication: A possible basis for ratio understanding. For the Learning of Mathematics, 35-41.

Placa, Nicora. (2009). Tips for Making the Inclusion Classroom Work for You. In Professional Teachers Handbook. Teachers Network: pp. 99-100.

Simon, M. A., Kara, M., Placa, N., & Sandir, H. (2016). Categorizing and promoting reversibility of mathematical concepts. Educational Studies in Mathematics. Advance online publication. DOI 10.1007/s10649-016-9697-4

Simon, M.A., Placa, N. & Avitzur, A. (2016). Participatory and Anticipatory Stages of Mathematical Concept Learning: Further Empirical and Theoretical Development. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 47 (1), 63-93.

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