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Yang Hu

Associate Professor of Literacy Education

901 Hunter West
(212) 772-4753 

As a teacher educator, Dr. Hu brings a rich and diverse background of teaching and staff development to her current work in literacy education. She has worked with college students in China as well as in the U.S., with students and teachers from pre-K through 12th grade in urban and suburban settings; and in inclusion, self-contained, and bilingual classrooms. 

Dr. Hu’s career revolves around building communities of students and teachers who are passionate about literature and writing. While pursuing her doctoral degree, she began to work with teachers and children in the New York City schools through the Columbia University Teachers College Writing Project, creating networks and communities of reflective practitioners, using literature-based curriculum to establish richly literate communities among teachers and students, and implementing writing and literature projects. After earning an Ed.D. in English Education from Columbia University Teachers College, Dr. Hu began teaching fulltime at the university level.


Dr. Hu teaches reading and writing methods courses in both graduate and undergraduate programs. In recent years, she teaches such courses as Theories and Process of Teaching Writing, Literacy Assessment, Evaluation of Literacy Programs, and supervises the Literacy Practicum.

Beyond the learning communities at Hunter College, Dr. Hu speaks frequently at international, national, and local conferences. She has consulted with urban and suburban schools and has led workshops on such topics as the teaching of writing, learning through book clubs, engaging ESL students in reading/writing workshops, and Asian students’ culturally learned styles of communication in the language arts classroom. In recent years, Dr. Hu has conducted summer professional development workshops in China for K-16 teachers and students to improve writing and learning instruction for all students.


Dr. Hu’s Chinese/English bilingual and bicultural background led her naturally to her research interests in the school experiences of Asian immigrant students in American schools. Her articles, published in The Reading Teacher, Reading Matters, Indiana Reading Journal, and Teaching and Learning: Journal of Natural Inquiry,  focused on the realities of Asian children in American language arts classrooms, the nature of classrooms and cultures many of these children left behind in their homeland, and the communication styles of Asian children as readers in peer-led book clubs.

Dr. Hu has collaborated with her colleagues in the Masters in Literacy Program to investigate the conditions under which the novice teachers develop literacy teacher expertise. Currently, she is in China on sabbatical leave, investigating trends in English writing instruction and research in China, and trying out the workshop approach to teach writing to Chinese students.

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