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John Ranellucci

Assistant Professor
904 West


John Ranellucci's work focuses on motivational interventions and the structural relation among motivation, emotion, learning strategies, and academic achievement in the context of traditional and technology rich learning environments.


PhD in Educational Psychology, McGill University
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Michigan State University


ECF 200 - Human Development and Theories of Learning, Prenatal-Age 8
EDPS 703 - Learning and Behavior Theories

Research Interests

Motivation, emotion, learning strategies, context, interventions, individual differences

Select Publications

Hall, N. C., Sampasivam, S., Muis, K. R., & Ranellucci, J. (2016). Achievement goals and emotions: The meditational roles of perceived progress, control, and value. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 86, 313-330

Muis, K. R., Trevors, G., Duffy, M., Ranellucci, J., & Foy, M. J. (2016). Testing the TIDE: Examining the nature of students’ epistemic beliefs using a multiple methods approach. Journal of Experimental Education, 84, 264-288.

Ranellucci, J., Hall, N. C., & Goetz, T. (2015). Achievement goals, emotions, learning, and performance: A process model. Motivation Science, 1, 98-120.

Muis, K. R., Ranellucci, J., Trevors, G., & Duffy, M. (2015). The effects of technology-mediated immediate feedback on kindergarten students’ attitudes, emotions, engagement and learning outcomes during literacy skills development. Learning and Instruction, 38, 1-13.

Becker, E. S., Goetz, T., Morger, V., & Ranellucci, J. (2014). The importance of teacher’s emotions and instructional behavior for their student’s emotions – An experience sampling analysis. Teaching and Teacher Education, 43, 15-26.


Early Career Research Grant - APA Division 15
Post-doctoral Fellowship - FQRSC
Graduate Fellowship - FQRSC

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