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Kimberly Kinsler

Professor of Educational Foundations

212 772-4690
1108 West

Professor Kimberly Kinsler is both a product and an example of the exemplary educational potential to be found in New York City’s public school system.  Professor Kinsler received her elementary and secondary school education from New York City public schools; and her BA in Psychology and MS in Education are from the City College of the City University of New York (CUNY).  She earned her doctorate from CUNY’s Graduate Center.

Professor Kinsler’s professional focus is twofold: 1) to advance the academic achievement of teachers and students from historically underperforming public schools, and 2) to advocate for practitioners at the elementary and secondary school levels as researchers/contributors in the creation of the educational knowledge base.  Trained as a school change agent, Professor Kinsler helped to bring two internationally known school improvement models to chronically underperforming schools in New York City.  An authority on school-based action research, she subsequently developed and directed her own school improvement project -- the Inquiry Based School Improvement Project (IBSIP).  Professor Kinsler has worked as an educational consultant and external program evaluator for a number of public schools and community based organizations in and outside of New York City.  


Teaching and Professional Activities

Professor Kinsler teaches both undergraduate and graduate level courses in Educational Psychology and graduate level research/thesis seminars.

Professor Kinsler has given numerous presentations and workshops at both national and international conferences focused on her work in and knowledge of the school improvement process.  She has developed and led several workshop series for groups of teachers and school administrators variously focused on using inquiry to improve school performance, creating data-driven instruction, and the use of action research for site-based problem solving and knowledge creation.  She has also organized two local conferences for stakeholders at the elementary and secondary school levels to network and share the results and knowledge learned from their school-based action research projects.


Research and Scholarship

Professor Kinsler is the co-author of the book Reforming Schools, which is now in its fourth edition.  She has also written and published a number of book chapters and articles on the school improvement process; facilitative leadership; action research; closing the achievement gap through the inquiry process; and the use of site-based action research for emancipatory change.  Her current scholarly projects include an article advocating for teacher/researchers at the elementary and secondary school levels as valid and essential contributors to the educational knowledge base, and the creation of an on-line scholarly journal dedicated to publishing the school-based action research of this school stakeholder group.

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