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Melissa Snodgrass

Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Special Education

Melinda Snodgrass earned her Ph.D. in Special Education from the University of Illinois after seven years as a special education teacher in public schools. She works primarily with children with intellectual disability complex communication needs, exploring effective practices around augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). She cares deeply about providing supports to families and school teams to ensure that children, in turn, have access to consistent, integrated, effective communication supports.


Melinda teaches courses in supporting children in Kindergarten – 2nd grade and fostering inclusive practices in the Early Childhood Special Education program.


Melinda is currently conducting a series of mixed methods studies examining supports for team functioning and instructional competence around AAC for a child’s educational team and family. She is also a member of a team of researchers across three states that conducts research focused on the use of telepractice in Early Intervention to facilitate access to services and foster parent-implemented strategies to support young children’s communication development. Melinda also has methodological interests in mixed methods and single-case design. Currently, she and a colleague are conducting a comprehensive literature review examining the use of mixed methods in single-case experimental research.


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