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Assessment Checklist for Faculty

____  Check if course has Key Assessment.

If your course has a key assessment:

____  Read explanation about key assessments and rubrics.

____  Use the faculty developed official description, rubric, and agreed upon weighting of the key assessment when you assign and grade the project.

For each key assessment:

____  In the Education Performance and Assessment Support System (EPASS), enter performance scores (e.g. above standard, at standard, below standard) for each rubric item and for each enrolled student.  (Instructions about work sample submissions will be emailed to you at the end of the semester.)

____   Save one example of student work in electronic format (e.g. MSWord or pdf) for each overall performance level on the rubric rating scale (e.g. one example of above standard work; one example of at standard work; etc).  Delete student name, label each sample with its performance score, and include a copy of the completed rubric that shows how you rated the student.

For example, label file name as: Course-Section#_Semester_Name Of Assessment_Rating_Program (i.e. CEDC703-001_Fall 2012_Thematic Unit_At Standard_Childhood Ed)

 ____  Upload the electronic student work samples in EPASS.

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