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EPASS: Education Performance and Assessment Support System


  1. EPASS is the web-based data collection system into which (1) faculty enter student performance scores for each rubric item on course-based key assessments and upload student work samples and (2) students enter self-evaluations about their performance in student teaching, teaching practicum, or counseling practicum/internship.
  2. EPASS allows us to track
    • Student performance on the key assessments (i.e., above standard, at standard, or below standard).
    • Student progress toward school and program objectives.
    • Student performance in their clinical experience sites.
    • The effectiveness of cooperating teachers.
    • The appropriateness of student teaching and counseling practicum/internship sites.
  3. EPASS data is reviewed and used to determine program strengths and weaknesses.
  4. To access EPASS, go to  Log-in using your Hunter net id and password.  In the EPASS data collection page, faculty will enter performance scores (e.g., above standard, at standard, below standard) for each key assessment rubric item and for each enrolled student, upload select student work samples with their completed rubrics, and enter comments.
  5. For step-by-step faculty directions, refer to the EPASS faculty instructions. For step-by-step student directions, refer to EPASS student instructions.  If your question is not listed, then email the helpdesk at
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