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Reminders and Updates on Academic Information

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As the fall term is well under way, we wanted to take the chance to remind and update on several important matters regarding your academic careers.  Please see the below information regarding:

1. Updated Progress Standards at the School of Education related to Certification tests

2. Support for EAS tests at Hunter


All students are encouraged to check in with their program advisor/coordinator to review their academic record, and to make sure you have completed, or have a plan to complete, the requirements around their Fall registration, degree progress, and certification requirements.

1.) New Progress Standards

As the School of Education has reviewed the progress standards for each program in the midst of the new certification testing requirements of New York State, we have refined the PROGRESS STANDARDS FOR ALL STUDENTS IN PROGRAMS THAT LEAD TO INITIAL CERTIFICATION.  Please review them below.

Students must pass the EAS in order to register for student teaching or practicum. For students not in special education programs, It is recommended to take the EAS after completion of Special Education 708.

Students who have scores reported, or who submit a report to the Office of Education Services, will have their CUNYFIRST record noted that they have passed the appropriate tests.

Beginning Winter 2015, not reaching these progress standards will result in holds being placed on student accounts, and students being deregistered from courses when appropriate.

2.) Support for EAS tests

The School of Education will be providing workshops throughout the academic year to assist students in familiarizing themselves with and practicing the EAS tests.Look for further information on the fall schedule via email and on the announcement section of the HCSOE homepage.

For students requiring more intense preparation, the School of Education will be offering more intensive courses through the Continuing Education department that will focus on preparing students to take the test. Information will be provided to all students about the schedule and foci of these courses – our goal is to make preparation for the test more flexible in scheduling so as to meet student needs and test dates.

Additionally, we have prepared a great deal of information for students to use and have placed it on Blackboard. To self-enroll in the edTPA Blackboard Organization, see instructions below.

Inside the edTPA Blackboard Organization, you will find “NYS Certification Exams” on the red and white navigation bar on the left. There are folders for each exam, which include a summary of the test, the competencies required for the test, suggested resources for topic review,  and practice questions.  More practice tests will be posted as they become available.

In “For Teacher Candidates” please make note of the Hunter College Reading and Writing Center services and links.  The Reading and Writing Center is there to support students and has workshops and services to help you with your development of academic language and writing.  

To Enroll in the edTPA Blackboard Organization:

1. Log in to Blackboard.  

2. From the home page, the first page that appears after login, look for organization search on the left.

3. Enter “edTPA Organization”  in the search box.

4. Scroll down to see our edTPA Organization on  the bottom.

5. Click the double down arrows  and click Enroll. 

6. This will bring you to the Self Enrollment page. In Access Code, enter “HUNTER”. 

7. Click Submit. 

As a reminder ** In order to better understand the challenges the new test presents to our students, the School of Education will be conducting surveys with test-takers to assess their experience.  Following your test-taking, please be on the lookout for the email survey and participate fully.  This will greatly assist us in developing support materials and systems for current and future students.


Effective December 31, 2013 all applicants for Certification (all types, including but not limited to initial, professional, or alternative) are required to complete six clock hours of coursework or training in accordance with Article 2 Sections 10-18 of the Education Law – regarding the Dignity of All Students. Thus, students in programs that lead to certification will not be eligible to graduate from those programs – per NYSED - until they complete the DASA training here at Hunter, or show proof of completion at another authorized provider.

Hunter College offers workshops through the Continuing Education department. ·Fall 2014 offerings, as well as more information about the course and assignments, can be found here:·

Students who complete DASA training through Hunter College will have service indicators added to their CUNYFIRST record. For students who complete or have completed DASA training elsewhere, you will need to provide a copy of your certificate of completion in order to confirm your eligibility to graduate. Digital copies can be emailed to and paper copies dropped off at the Office of Education Services, 1000 West.

To repeat: students in programs that lead to certification will not be eligible to graduate from those programs until they complete the DASA training here at Hunter, or show proof of completion at another authorized provider.

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