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Course of Study

Adolescent Mathematics Education

Education Courses for Advanced Certificate and Master's Degree Programs

Course No Title Credits Prereq Coreq
SEDF 703 Social Foundations of Adolescent Education

SEDF 704 Adolescent Development, Grades 7-12
(36 hrs fieldwork)

SEDF 705 Educational Psychology: Applications to
Adolescent Education (36 hrs fieldwork)
2 SEDF 704
SEDF 706 Assessment of Teaching and Learning in
Adolescent Education
2 SEDF 705
SEDC 723 or SEDC 753
or SEDC 773.10
SEDC 710 Building the Foundations of Literacy in
Adolescent Education
3 12 credits of coursework

SEDC 713 Methods 1: Advanced Study of Secondary Learning Environments for Teaching Mathematics & Science
SEDF 704 or
SEDF 704
SEDC 720 Adolescent Health and Safety

SEDC 723 Methods 2: Intensive Study of Teaching Diverse Learners in Mathematics, Grades 7-12 (36 hrs fieldwork)
2 SEDC 713
SEDC 741 Adolescent Fieldwork 1
SPED 708 Teaching Students with Special Needs in Inclusive Settings 3

Take Either

SEDC 753 Student Teaching in Mathematics, Grades 7–12 (60 days student teaching + 30 hr seminars, workshops and conferences)
5 SEDC 723 SEDF 706


SEDC 773.10 Practicum in Mathematics, Grades 7-9
(30 hrs + conferences)
2 SEDC 723


SEDC 773.20 Practicum in Mathematics, Grades 10-12
(30 hrs + conferences)
2 SEDC 723

Total Credits for Advanced Certificate    26-27 credits


Mathematics and Statistics Department Courses for Master's Degree Program Only

Course No Title Credits Prereq
MATH 620
Sequential Mathematics from an Advanced Standpoint I
Calculus II and a course in linear or matrix algebra
MATH 630
Sequential Mathematics from an Advanced Standpoint II

MATH 633*
Axiomatic Geometry 3
MATH 630
MATH 635* Problem Solving Explorations in Mathematics 3

STAT 612 **/***
Discreet Probability
STAT 213 or MATH 125
STAT 614***
Data Analysis Using Statistical Software
STAT 213 or both
MATH 125 and STAT 113
with C or better in each course

* Students may be admitted lacking up to 12 credits of courses required for admission. Students must fulfill these conditions within their first three semesters of matriculation. Courses taken to fulfill conditions do not count toward the master's degree.
**With the approval of the graduate mathematics adviser, students who have had substantial coverage of a given area within an undergraduate curriculum may be allowed to replace a course or courses in this category with electives, preferably elective courses at a more advanced level in the same area.
*** Although students are required to take EITHER STAT 612 OR STAT 614, students are encouraged to take both courses.

Total Credits for Master's Degree    41-42 credits

Culminating Experiences


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