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Teacher Education Programs in Adolescent Mathematics (Grades 7-12) Overview

Program Coordinator
Prof. Patrick Burke
927 East Building


Welcome to the Teacher Education Programs in Adolescent Mathematics. We dedicate ourselves to preparing teacher candidates to become highly skilled and effective educators and leading professionals.

The Master of Arts in Adolescent Mathematics Education, offered in collaboration with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, is a master’s degree program that prepares graduates to improve student learning in today’s challenging classrooms. The program is designed for students with no prior education background and is designed to equip teachers with the knowledge and skills they will need to have a major and positive impact on the learning of their future students. It integrates current research findings, offers exposure to best practices through coursework and field experiences, incorporates instruction in the analysis and use of assessment data, and includes the use of case studies and digital video analysis to ensure proper modeling of real world teacher challenges. Our program is registered with the New York State Education Department and leads to New York State initial certification.

We are also proud to offer an Advanced Certificate Program in Mathematics Education that leads to initial certification. This program is designed to meet the needs of teacher candidates who already have a master’s degree in mathematics, but who need the appropriate pedagogical preparation to become effective mathematics teachers. The education coursework in the advanced certificate program is identical to the education coursework in the master’s degree program. There are no graduate courses in mathematics in the advanced certificate program.

We also offer a Professional Certification master's degree in mathematics education. It is designed for teachers who already hold New York state certification in mathematics grades 7-12 and who wish to deepen their knowledge of mathematics in the areas of the discipline that are connected to the mathematics curriculum. Th master degree program in teaching meets the academic requirements for professional certification in mathematics 7-12. Graduates of the program also need to have completed three years of full-time teaching in order obtain professional certification. The program includes graduate courses in mathematics pedagogy and in mathematics.

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