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Teacher Education Program in Adolescent Physics (Grades 7-12) Overview

Education Program Coordinator
Prof. Stephen DeMeo
908 West Building
(212) 772-4776

Physics and Astronomy Department Program Coordinator
Prof. Rodney Varley
1216 North Building
(212) 772-5252


Welcome to the Teacher Education Program in Adolescent Physics. Our program is nationally recognized by the National Science Teachers Association. The Master’s in Adolescent Physics consists of courses in three departments at Hunter: Educational Foundations, Curriculum and Teaching, and Physics The program is designed to equip teachers with the knowledge and skills they will need to have a positive impact on the learning of their future students. The program integrates current research findings and standards set by the National Science Teachers Association and offers exposure to best practices through coursework and field experience. The program places emphasis on inquiry-based methods of teaching science.

We are also pleased to offer an advanced certificate program in Adolescent Physics that leads to initial certification. This program is designed to meet the needs of teacher candidates who already have a master’s degree in physics but who need the appropriate pedagogical preparation to become teachers. The education coursework in the advanced certificate program is identical to the education coursework in the master’s degree program. There are no graduate courses in physics in the advanced certificate program.

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