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Exit Standards

1. An overall GPA of 3.0 

2. Master's degree students will develop a professional teaching portfolio, which is a cumulative effort,  integrating course and fieldwork throughout the program. In particular, students will be expected to complete a major research-based project, include artifacts that reflect the theme of that research, and connect all components through critical reflection. Teacher candidates must show progress toward the completion of the portfolio through regular review by their advisers. Students will arrange for a presentation and final review of their work during the last semester in the program. A performance assessment checklist and rating scale will assess the quality of the culminating experiences (portfolio and reflective presentation). 

3. Master’s degree students must also pass a written comprehensive examination in history. These examinations are offered twice each year, in February and September. A student who fails the examination twice is dropped from the program but may appeal in writing to the Graduate Committee, Department of History, to take the examination a third time.

4. Students must pass the School of Education technology assessment.

5. Students must complete the Dignity for All Students Act (anti-bullying) workshop.

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