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Field and Clinical Experiences

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One of the hallmarks of Hunter’s teacher preparation programs is, and has always been, a strong focus on fieldwork experience. In addition to the fieldwork required for courses in Early Childhood Education, there are courses in the bilingual sequence that require fieldwork. The following bilingual courses require fieldwork:

  • Biled 701- Foundations of Bilingual Education (5 hours)
  • Biled 779-Multicultural Education (5 hours)
  • Biled 771-Psychology of Language Learning and Teaching (5 hours)
  • Biled 711.50-Fieldwork in Bilingual Literacy (75 hours)
  • Biled 778-Instruction Through the Native Language (10 hours)


Student Teaching and Practicum

Students in the Master’s Degree programs must complete two 20-day intensive supervised student teaching experiences in two of the following three grade level: pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and Grades 1-2. The two student teaching experiences will be combined with 30 hours of seminar.

Students who are already teaching in an early childhood bilingual setting will take a 30-hour seminar and will be observed and supervised in their classrooms for one of the 20-day experiences.

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