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Admission Requirements

1. Bachelor's degree with a GPA of at least 3.0.

2. New York State initial, professional, or permanent certification in Childhood Education.

3. Completion of a satisfactory writing sample as part of the application process.

4. Two letters of recommendation including one from a supervisor.

5. Successful completion with a grade of C or better of a college level mathematics course and a lab science course. Those who do not meet the mathematics requirement must successfully complete MATH 104 and MATH 105 in the School of Arts and Sciences. Those who do not meet the science requirement must take a one semester course in a lab science (biology, chemistry, physics or geology.)


Course waivers

1. Master’s candidates may transfer in and/or waive up to twelve credits in the master’s in mathematics and science education by providing evidence of prior equivalent coursework.

2. An elective course must be substituted for a waived course with adviser’s approval.

3. Waived courses provide an opportunity for teacher candidates to deepen their knowledge by taking advantage of the academic wealth available in the departments within the School of Education or the School of Arts and Sciences. Any graduate course(s) in either the School of Education or the School of Arts and Sciences for which prerequisites have been met may be substituted for waived courses with the permission of the program coordinator.

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