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Course of Study

Course No.
Title Credits    Prereq/Coreq
CEDC 716 Educational Technology in Mathematics and
Science Teaching and Learning
CEDC 740 Contemporary Mathematics in the Elementary School 3
CEDC 742 Workshop/Seminar in Elementary Mathematics/Science 3 All courses courses except CEDC 743
CEDC 743 Research Seminar in Mathematics/Science Education 3
CEDC 744 Development of Mathematical/ Scientific Concepts       
 in Children
All program courses except CEDC 742 and CEDC 743
CEDC 776 Planet Earth: Life Science, Environmental
and Earth Science
CEDC 777 Physical Science for Elementary Teachers 3
CEDC 778 Life Sciences 3
CEDC 779
Robotics & Engineering 3
CEDC 747 Number and Algebra in Elementary 3
CEDC 748 IGeometry and Measurement in Elementary 3

Total credits

 * Students who have already completed an introductory special education course may enroll in SPED 783.50 Math, Organizational and Social Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities (for those not in the LD specialization).

** Independent study may be taken in lieu of a required course with permission of the program coordinator.

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