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Program Evaluation

Outcomes and Evaluation Report

September 2014

The School Counseling Program is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).  As part of our accreditation, we are required to collect and disseminate information about our School Counseling program. More importantly, we are expected to use the data to continually reflect on our work and improve our program. This report provides an overview of our outcomes and comprehensive evaluation process.


As of fall 2013, there are 123 students enrolled in the School Counseling program, of whom 13 percent are men and 87 percent are women. We have a diverse student body with the following composition: 11 percent African-American or black, 8 percent Asian or Pacific Islander, 23 percent Hispanic, 56 percent white, and 2 percent are international students (nonresident alien). We received approximately 132 applications for the 2014-2015 academic year.


80% of Hunter College School Counseling students are rated as better prepared or significantly better prepared than interns from other master’s programs by site supervisors during their field placements (Counseling Evaluation by Site Supervisors Survey, 214 students rated, spring 2012-spring 2014). 

89% of School Counseling alumni would recommend the Hunter College School of Education to an individual interested in working in counseling (Alumni Survey, 19 alumni responses, 2013-2014*).

100% of Hunter College School of Education graduates employed as school counselors are rated as effective or very effective in their professional roles by employers (Employer Survey, 16 employer responses, 2012*).

Completion Rates

72% of our students graduate from the program in the expected time frame.

In 2013-2014 there were 31 graduates from the School Counseling program. Courses accommodate both part-time and full-time students. Many students complete the program in approximately three years. We expect students who are full-time all semesters to complete the program in four semesters and those who are part-time students to complete the program in six semesters. 


Data on licensure or certification examination pass rates are not provided for this program because New York State does not require an examination to obtain a school counseling certification.


96% of employers who responded to a survey are likely or very likely to hire Hunter College School of Education graduates for school counselor jobs (Employer Survey, 25 employer responses, 2012*).

95% of our graduates are employed, as reported by alumni who participated in our annual alumni survey. Sixty-one percent are employed in schools, with 50 percent as school counselors (Alumni Survey, 19 alumni responses, 2013-2014*).

Program Improvement

To help us best prepare students for school counseling and related careers, we have a comprehensive evaluation plan to formally and informally gather feedback from and data about students at transition points throughout the process including: application to the program; acceptance; during coursework through teacher evaluations, grades, ratings on key assignments and during fieldwork; at the end of the program; and one year to one-and-a-half years after they have graduated. The data we gather helps us assess the extent to which we are aligned with our mission, achieving program objectives, and areas within the program and School of Education that are strong or could be improved.  

We also gather information from those in the field – such as site supervisors who mentor students during their field placements and employers who have hired Hunter College School Counseling program graduates in the past – to inform our program design, processes and coursework. 

*Note: It can be challenging to get high response rates for follow-up surveys with employers and graduates. We have included respondent numbers and date ranges for the survey data included in this evaluation report to assist in your interpretation of the results. Other data about the School Counseling and other School of Education programs can be found in the Factbooks available on The Office of Institutional Research webpage:

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