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Course of Study

Rehabilitation Counseling Program Sequence of Courses

course no.
title credits
COCO 700 Life Stage Development 3
COCO 701 Counseling Skills and Interviewing Techniques (grade of B or better)
COCO 702 Theories of Counseling 3
COCO 703 Psychosocial, Cultural and Political Aspects of Disability: Rehabilitation and  Special Education 3
COCO 706 Group Counseling (grade of B or better) 3
COCO 706 Multicultural Aspects of Counseling 3
COCO 708 Measurement and Appraisal 3
COCO 709 Research Methods 3
COCO 711 Supervision and Administration 3
COCO 712 Career Counseling, Assessment and Placement 4
COCO 715 Family Systems and Counseling Issues 3
COCO 718 Practicum in Counseling (grade of B or better) 3
COCO 719 Individual Supervision (grade of B or better) 3
COCO 725 Internship in Counseling I (grade of B or better) 4
COCO 726 Internship in Counseling II (grade of B or better) 4
COUNR 716 Resources and Foundations of Rehabilitation 3
COUNR 720 Medical Aspects of Disability 3

Electives (select two courses)
COCO 710 Chemical Dependency 3
COCO 723 Transition from School to Adult Life for Students with Disabilities 3
COCO 727 Special Topics in Counseling 3

Total credits 60


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