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Field and Clinical Experiences

EDLIT 757: Practicum in Literacy Assessment and Intervention: Grades 5 – 12 (50 Field work hours)

This course is designed to develop course participants’ proficiency in assessing and meeting the needs of middle and high school students experiencing moderate and severe difficulties in literacy development. Course participants will work one-on-one and in small groups assessing and identifying reading and writing difficulties and will prepare appropriate assessment reports for other professionals and for parents. Each three-hour class session will devote half the time to diagnostic and intervention work with middle school students at the Hunter College Literacy Space (individual tutoring rooms are provided) and half to seminars that include discussion, demonstration, case presentations, practice with diagnostic materials, consultation, and demonstration. In addition, each course participant will replicate the diagnostic and intervention procedures with a high school student outside the Literacy Space. Diagnostic assessment with groups and classes will be addressed similarly through demonstration and practice. During the intervention portion of the class, course participants will submit weekly lesson plans for each student and develop a file of materials, activities, and assessments to be a long term resource for remedial reading. Reports to parents and to other professionals will be planned and implemented.

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