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Navigating the System

or What do I need to do to Graduate?

As a Master's Degree student, you have many responsibilities. Use this table as a springboard for working through Graduate College requirements for completing your degree:

To do this... Go here...
Apply as a Graduate Degree Student Graduate Admissions
Obtain information about your Hunter e-mail account Hunter E-mail Information
Find important semester dates (e.g., registration) Academic Calendar
Locate course codes and schedules Searchable Schedule of Classes
Register for classes Registration Page
Check your account balance, grades, class schedule and
other information about your student status.
Even if your fees are being paid through grants,
it is important for you to monitor the status of your account
-you are responsible for late fees.
Student Link
Obtain Degree Audit Form for Graduation
(must be done the semester before you plan to graduate).
Degree Audit Forms
Request a Leave of Absence Leave of Absence Form
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