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Master's Degree Program in Early Childhood Special Education

We prepare teachers for schools and programs in New York City and other urban school districts within the State. Teacher candidates are then able to teach children between birth and age eight in public, private or independent schools and programs in the City or State. We have three program tracks (1A, 1B and 2):

Program code 174 (1A): is for applicants who do not have any teaching certification; therefore, qualified prospective students do not need to have any prior pedagogical coursework, since the program is essentially a “from scratch” teacher preparation program.  The courses consist of the 36 credits in special education courses plus 17 in early childhood general.

Program code 174 (1B): is for applicants who have a New York State teaching certificate in an age level or area other than early childhood education. Students in Program 1B who have prior teacher certification in Pre K-Grade 6 or in childhood education complete a 40 credit program that consists of the 36 credit special courses plus two early childhood.

Program code 175 (2):  is for applicants who have New York State initial or permanent certification in early childhood education.  The program requires a minimum of 34-36 credits of study in special education.

All three programs are nationally recognized by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Our programs are carefully planned to offer career changers and non-traditional students the opportunity to study with us in the late afternoon and evenings. Courses meet once a week at either 4:30-7 or 7:10-9:40 with the exception of field experiences and student teaching/practicum. Pre-student and Student teaching take place during the school day and prospective students should be prepared to make some accommodations for these experiences. One -credit winter and summer courses are offered each year. Three-credit courses for Special Education are only offered in the Fall and Spring. In either of the programs (for certified or uncertified teachers) it is possible to study part-time or full-time.  Part-time is considered fewer than 12 credits per semester and full-time is 12 credits or more per semester.

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