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Course of Study

Total credits: 33-45 Credits

Course/No. Title Credits Field Experience

Core Requirements

EDESL 796 Methodology of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 4 30 hours
LING 702 Analysis and Structure of English: A Pedagogical View 4 10 hours
LING 774 Theory and Research in Second Language Aquisition 4
5 hours
EDESL 777 Socio-Cultural Aspects of Language and Pedagogy 4
10 hours
EDESL 771 K-12 ESL Curriculum & Materials through the Content Areas
4 20 hours
Language Assessment and Diagnosis of Special Needs in TESOL
10 hours
EDESL 772 First and Second Language, and Technological Literacy 4 10 hours
CEDF 712 Child and Adolescent Development
4 5 hours
CEDCF 710 Social, Historical, Philosophical Foundations of Bilingual Education: Theory and Practice 4 10 hours
SPED 708
Teaching Students with Special Needs in Inclusive Settings 3

Plus One of the Following:

EDESL 785 Supervised Student Teaching: Pre-K-12 (year-long course)

EDESL 788 Supervised Practicum: Pre-K-12 (year-long course)

And One of the Following:

EDESL 760 Master’s Essay

Comprehensive Examination

Students may transfer, waive, or be exempted from up to eight credits if they have taken equivalent course work elsewhere. Credit transfers, waivers, and exemptions are determined by the School of Education upon presentation of acceptable supporting paperwork. Taking EDESL 760 MA Essay adds 4 credits to the degree.

*Student Teaching is a year-long course. Students must complete 60 days during one semester at the K-6 level, and 60 days during the other semester at the 7-12 level. Student teachers may start their student teaching in either the fall or spring semester.

**Practicum Teaching is a year-long course. Students are expected to be in the classroom during the entire year of teaching. Practicum students may start their practicum in either the fall or spring semester.

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