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Student Bios

Ayal Adamit is from Binghamton, NY, and is pursuing a master’s degree in Adolescent Chemistry Education. Ayal’s passion for teaching began in high school with the Math Honors Society, leading fun math activities and games with elementary students. In NYC, he aspires to provide all students with equal access to excellent education, and to inspire them to explore and learn on their own.  For fun, Ayal enjoys playing music and exploring both nature and NYC.


Moussa Camara is from the Bronx, NY and is pursuing a master’s degree in French Adolescent Education. Moussa wants to be a teacher because he believes he can make a positive difference in adolescents’ lives by opening a door to a new language and cultures to them. He also wants to inspire NYC public high school students by becoming a role model to them. For fun, Moussa likes to read francophone literature and play soccer.


Ishaka Cisse is from the Bronx, NY, and is pursing a bachelor’s degree in Adolescent Mathematics Education.  Cisse’s vocation for teaching stems from this equation, X: he likes teaching + Y: he is fascinated by mathematics = he a Math teacher. Cisse wants to inculcate the passion for mathematics to NY urban students and help make a difference in their lives. He likes reading, traveling, and spending time with his family.


Keisha Darius is from Brooklyn, NY and is pursing a bachelor’s degree in English Adolescent Education. Keisha wants to be a teacher because she loves English and has a desire to help students from undeserved communities increase their writing and literacy skills. She also wants to contribute to closing the achievement gap in urban education.  For fun, Keisha likes reading and writing and has a passion for African American Literature and Women's and Gender Studies.


Kenny Eng is from Queens, NY and is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Childhood Education. Kenny's desire to teach comes from being inspired by the positive impact his own elementary school teachers had on his life. He wants to set high expectations and hopes that every student can realize their potential to achieve success, regardless of the obstacles they have to face in the process. For fun, Kenny likes reading fiction novels, creative writing, and watching movies.


Gabriel Gonzalez is from Sleepy Hollow, NY and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Adolescent Education. Gabriel wants to be a teacher because of the inspiration he obtained from male teachers that he encountered.  Moreover, he believes that he could be an encouragement himself as he embarks on this journey towards promoting academic success in New York City. For fun, Gabriel likes to watch T.V shows and snack on healthy food choices.


Kevin He is from Manhattan, NY and is pursuing a bachelor's degree in History Adolescent Education. Kevin wants to be a teacher because of his love of history and understand how much of a positive impact a good teacher can make. Kevin also wants to play his part in improving the quality of education provided in the NYC public schools. For fun he enjoys playing video games and writing poetry.



Tony Hsu is from Queens, NYC and is pursuing an MA degree in TESOL. He wants to be a teacher because he has love and patience for children. His passion for education came from a summer camp working with Asian students in a Church setting. During the 8-week program, he delivers lessons on Religion, English, Math, Science, PE, board games, etc. 


Esteban Mendiolaza is a long time resident of Long Island, NY and is pursing an Advanced Teacher Certificate in Social Studies. Esteban has a background in community organizing. He looks forward to applying his passion and dedication for social justice to the classroom with empowering students to think critically about how history shaped the world we live in today and why they should be actively involved in changing it. Esteban believes that when we improve the education of our youth, we improve the future of our species and of the world in general. On his free time Esteban enjoys hiking, going to museums and the movies, wining and dining, yoga and meditation, and reading.


Habib Rahmani is from Jamaica, Queens, and is pursuing a master’s degree in Childhood Education. Habib’s desire to become a teacher comes from wanting to give back to the community (NYC) that helped shape who he is as an individual – specifically the public school education he received, which played a major role in his development as a person. For fun, Habib likes to play with music with his friends, take walks in the park, and try new food.


Ryan Robinson is from Queens, NY and is pursuing a BA/MA degree in Mathematics Adolescent Education. Ryan wants to be a teacher because he loves problem solving and theoretical analysis. With those as his strong skills, his goal is to help students that are struggling in math and to help them understand it better. For fun, Ryan likes to go fishing and have fun with his family and friends.


Steven Tarquinio is from Nesconset, NY and is pursing a bachelor’s degree in QUEST (Childhood Education) and History. Steven wants to be a teacher because he has always felt he wanted to be a teacher and through his work with younger children throughout high school. He has a desire to provide the foundations of learning in America’s future youth. Steven is on Hunter College’s NCAA Division III men’s volleyball team and President of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee.


Jorge Torres is from Queens, NY and is pursuing bachelor’s degrees in Chemistry Adolescent Education and Psychology. Jorge wants to be a teacher because he hopes to help minority and underprivileged students pursue and succeed in STEM careers after high school and college. He enjoys spending time in the classroom sharing knowledge with students. For fun, Jorge likes to play music and videogames.


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