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Admission Requirements

The Undergraduate Childhood Education (QUEST) major

QUEST is a field-based daytime program. Meeting minimum admission requirements does not guarantee entry into the program.



  1. Complete at least 30 credits toward the Bachelors degree. Students with more than 72 credits should consider pursuing Childhood Education at the graduate level.
  2. Attain a Hunter College Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 or better.
  3. Receive a score of at least 12 on part 3 of the CUNY Math Test or complete Math 101.
  4. Receive a grade of B or better in ENGL 120.
  5. Have no more than 6 cr. of CR/NC grades.
  6. Transfer students will have to complete 12 credits of coursework at Hunter College before applying. However, transfer students with 60 or more credits and GPA’s of 3.3 or better may be immediately considered for admission.



The courses listed below are required for all QUEST students, and constitute several of the pre-requisites for courses in the program. A minimum grade of C must be earned in these classes in order for them to count towards the QUEST program.
(These courses do not have to be completed for a student to be considered for admission):

  • English 220
  • History 151 and 152
  • Geography 101
  • Two semesters of science; one course must have a lab*
  • 6 credits in the arts
  • Math 104 and 105 (for QUEST students only)

*Computer Science does not count as a science course in meeting this requirement.



Students must meet the following criteria in order to continue in the QUEST program:

  • A minimum grade of C or better in all non-field courses (Courses can only be repeated once)
  • A minimum grade of B or better in all fieldwork courses. (Fieldwork courses can only be repeated once)
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
  • Complete Math 104 and 105 with a minimum grade of C prior to registering for QSTA 406: Mathematics Teaching and Learning in Elementary School.
  • Complete two courses in science* (with a minimum grade of C), at least one of which must be in a laboratory science, prior to registering for QSTA 414: Teaching Science in the Elementary School. (CSCI courses do not qualify for this requirement)
  • Complete History 151 & 152 (or Geography 101 plus either 151 or 152) (with a minimum grade of C) prior to registering for QSTA 412: Teaching Social Studies.
  • Complete at least 21 credits in an approved Arts & Sciences major before applying to student teach.
  • Follow the course sequence, which represents the required classes that QUEST students must take each semester. The courses for each semester must be completed successfully in that term.

All QUEST students should:

  • Consult their program advisor on a regular basis.
  • Plan to take the EAS exam and CST-MultiSubject exam prior to graduation.  
  • Get fingerprinted in advance of any placed fieldwork experience.
  • Complete the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) workshop.
Students who began the QUEST program prior to the fall 2014 term:
  • Must complete the Technology Competency assessment (tech comps) before graduation.
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