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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn more about your programs?

Where can I get an application?

What are the admission requirements for your programs?

  • Admission requirements vary by program. Please consult the program pages. General application requirements can be found here.

What is the deadline for admission?

  • Fall: March 15; February 1 for international students.  NOTE: School Counseling and Mental Health Counseling have a February 1 deadline and accept only fall applicants; Dance Education has a February 15 deadline and accepts only fall applicants; Educational Psychology and Childhood Math/Science programs also accept fall applicants only, but the deadline is March 15. 
  • Spring: October 15; September 1 for all international students

Who needs to apply by the international student deadline?

  • Students who have completed their bachelor’s degree outside the U.S. where English was not the native language
  • Students who have completed fewer than 90 credits toward their bachelor's degree in the U.S.

Is the GRE required?

  • The GRE is required for all graduate teacher education and school building leader programs. This includes initial certification, professional certification, and advanced certificate programs. The Hunter College ETS code for the GRE is 2301.
  • Get more information here.

Can the GRE requirement be waived?

New York law allows Hunter College to exempt up to 15% of students from the GRE. Students can submit a GRE Exemption Request Form. The form and attachments should be emailed to with subject title: GRE EXEMPTION REQUEST. Because students can be admitted conditionally without GRE scores, exemption requests will be reviewed and granted after the end of the admission cycle.

Is there a proficiency requirement for Foreign Language applicants?

  • Yes. The Advanced Level Check of the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) is required for applicants to the Chinese, French, Italian and Spanish Education programs. A test registration packet can be downloaded by clicking here.

May I apply as a non-matriculated student?

  • Yes, the school of education offers non-degree courses on a limited basis pending departmental permission and availability of space. Only certain courses are available for non-degree study.

May I apply to more than one program?

  • You may only apply to one program for any given semester; please decide which of our programs is the most appropriate for you.

How do I transfer credits I took at another graduate school?

  • If you are admitted, the faculty will determine if transfer of credit could be granted after you have enrolled. For more on the Graduate Transfer of Credit policy click here.

What do I need to do to apply? 

  • Complete the online application, which is available at:
  • Scan and upload unofficial college transcripts from all schools attended. If accepted for admission, then official transcripts must be mailed to: Hunter College, Graduate Admissions Office, Room 223 North  695 Park Ave. New York, NY 10065
  • Provide two (2) letters of recommendation, submitted electronically by the recommenders as part of the online application
  • Write a Personal Statement  
  • Provide a writing sample (if applicable) 
  • Provide TOEFL or OPI scores, if applicable 

Do the letters of recommendation have to come from professors? 

  • No; students who have been out of school may use professional references instead.

Who needs to take the TOEFL?

  • Students who have completed their bachelor’s degree outside the U.S.
  • Students who have completed fewer than 90 credits toward their bachelor's degree in the U.S.

May I meet with an admissions advisor?

  • Yes. If, after reviewing the website and graduate catalog, you have further questions, you may see an admissions advisor at the School of Education during office hours (Thursday from 12:00-5:00) in the West Building of Hunter College, room 1000. There is no need for an appointment.

How can I check the status of my application? 

  • You may check your status through the ApplyYourself online application system. Students are notified of admission decisions in writing from the Graduate Admission Office.
  • If you wish to confirm receipt of your application and materials, contact the admissions office at 212-772-4505. 
  • Because departmental committees base recommendations for admission upon careful comparison of applications, it may be some time before final decisions are made.  As a result there cannot be a guarantee that applicants will receive a response, favorable or unfavorable, on or before any specific date.

How can I appeal my admission decision?

  • To appeal your decision, please send an email to Please put “Appeal” in the subject line and explain why you are appealing the decision. Provide any additional information that supports your appeal. Decisions on appeals will be sent out after the admissions cycle has been complete for that semester. NOTE: This process applies only to applicants to graduate programs and is not related to undergraduate admissions. Appeals must be sent within fifteen days of an applicant's notification of the admissions decision.

Can I defer my admission? 

  • No. Hunter College does not grant deferrals of admission; you must reapply. 

How do I reapply to the graduate program at Hunter College? 

  • You need to complete and submit a new online graduate degree application in order to reapply to a graduate program at Hunter College.  In order to submit the new application, you must: upload your statement of purpose; re-enter the name and contact information of your recommenders (the recommenders will have to re-submit their letters electronically through the online application system). For questions about this process, contact Graduate Admissions at 212-772-4505.

How long does it take to complete the graduate program? 

  • Time to completion varies per program, and depends on whether students attend full- or part-time. Our programs range from 12-60 credits and typically take students one to four years to complete. Most students take about 6 credits each semester, including summers.

Are classes offered at night?

  • Yes. Most classes begin at 4:30 p.m. or 7:30 p.m. However, students who work during the day will need to have flexibility in their schedules for field work and student teaching or practicum.
  • Schedule of Classes

Are classes offered on the weekends? 

  • No.

Are classes offered in the summer or winter? 

  • Yes. Many programs offer courses during the summer. Students should not assume that classes will be held during the summer. Summer class offerings will be announced late in the Spring semester each year.

Does the School of Education offer distance learning graduate programs (online programs)?

  • No. The majority of programs hold classes on campus.

Does the School of Education host Open Houses? 

  • Yes. The School of Education hosts open houses for prospective graduate students each semester, usually in February and September. Please check our website for upcoming Open House events

How can I get my transcript reviewed?

  • Please carefully review our admission requirements. If after reviewing you have further questions about your eligibility to apply, you may email or fax your transcript for review. Please allow 5-10 business days for a response. You may submit your transcript electronically to or by fax to 212-772-5334.

Whom should I contact if I have more questions or would like to speak with an admissions advisor? 

How much is tuition? 

  • You can find all the information you need regarding tuition and fees, payment plans, and other payment options by visiting the Finances section of Hunter's One Stop for Students web center:

Are there any scholarships or grants available? 

  • There are a limited number of scholarships offered after admission. Students will be notified (no application).
  • The Office of Financial Aid at Hunter College can provide you with information and a CUNY FAFSA/FAF application for the following programs:
  • Federal Stafford Loan
  • Federal Supplemental Loan to Students (SLS)
  • Federal Perkins Loan 
  • Federal College Work Study (FCWS)
  • New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)
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