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Delivering your video to your supervisor

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Advice for teachers on sending your video to your supervisor - by Jim Lengel, Hunter College School of Education

Once you have captured video of your teaching, you need to deliver it to your supervisor. You can do this in several different ways:

  • Upload it online to our video server.
  • Put it on a CD or DVD or USB flash memory device and deliver it by hand.

This document describes how to prepare your video and to deliver it in these ways. If you have any trouble with the processes described here, or if you need any kind of help preparing or delivering your video, please feel free to call on us for assistance.

  • Roxanne Turner, Learning and Scholarly Technologies Manager,,  (212) 772-4767
  • Dermot Foley, Learning Technologies Specialist, (212) 650-3121


Upload it to our server.

This method works best if you have captured your video with one of the small Sanyo cameras that you borrowed from us, and if you have a solid internet connection. (Do not try to upload a video from a slow internet connection, or to upload a file bigger than 100 megabytes.) Follow these steps:

  1. Put the memory card into the card reader. (It's in the camera case.)
  2. Put the card reader into the USB connector on your computer.
  3. Open your internet browser, and connect to
  4. Choose Upload lesson videos from the list.
  5. On the login screen, choose the name of your faculty member, and click Submit.
  6. Select your name, and click Submit.
  7. Click the Choose file button to browse your computer to
  8. Remove the memory card from the camera, by opening the little door on the back, pushing in the card, and then pulling it out.
  9. find the video file.
  10. You will find the video file on the memory card, which is called "XACTI" or "NO NAME." It's inside two other folders. Your video will be the most recent file, ending with the suffix .MP4. Select it.

Note: If you edited this video file at all, using QuickTime Pro or another application, this process changed the file type from .mp4 to .mov. Before uploading, make sure you export the edited file back to .mp4 format. Use File --> Export from the menubar.

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