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Message from the Dean

From Jenny Tuten, Acting Dean of the School of Education

It is a great pleasure to introduce you to the Hunter College School of Education. Founded in 1870 as New York City’s first teacher-preparation school, Hunter has always excelled at addressing the challenges and opportunities of the ever-changing landscape of urban education. We are devoted to improving the academic, social, and emotional lives of children, adolescents and adults by preparing skilled and thoughtful teachers, counselors, and educational leaders.

Under the leadership of Jennifer J. Raab, the president of Hunter College, our faculty is engaged in pioneering research, curriculum development, and partnerships with New York City public schools. With an unwavering focus on the most urgent issues in contemporary education, the work of our professors benefits not only students in the five boroughs, but our society as a whole.

Hunter is a leader in tackling national priorities, including the formulation and promotion of best practices in literacy education, instruction for emergent bilingual students, social justice for LGBT youth, support for students with disabilities, and peer-mediated instruction. Just as important is our professors’ commitment to practice what they preach: they work hard to offer rigorous, engaging courses that will challenge you and prepare you for enduring professional success.

Our many programs are designed to satisfy a wide range of professional needs and interests. Whether you’re new to the field of education, or an experienced teacher seeking advanced certification or a change of direction, you’ll find superior courses of study that will help you thrive and succeed.

We look forward to answering your questions and welcoming you to our talented and diverse educational community.

Jenny Tuten

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