This is an Interdisciplinary Certificate Education Program, in Continuing Education at Hunter College, developed by the faculty of the Medical Laboratory Sciences and Environmental Occupational Health Sciences-UPH Programs in the Hunter College School of Health Sciences.

MISSION: This program was developed following the anthrax attacks of Fall 2001. These events highlighted the role of medical laboratory and institutional safety professionals in primary identification and response to bioterrorism threats to the community. As these are our respective graduates, hundreds over the past 3 decades, the faculty of our two programs felt it incumbent upon us to provide education specifically directed to the following goals:

1. To educate working professionals in the science, procedures, and public policies that will enable them to sample, identify and remediate biological agents released during an attack.

2. To educate personnel in the full range of biomedical labs to safely handle hazardous microorganisms in their routine work.

TARGET POPULATION: Medical Laboratory Technologists, Safety Officers, Industrial Hygienists, Research Technicians, Remediation Managers and similar professionals. All participants will have at least the B.S. degree in science (or be seniors in the MLS program).

  425 East 25 Street
New York, NY 10010
Phone: 212.481.5271
Office Hours: Monday – Thursday, 9 am. - 4 pm. / Directions
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