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Staff Directory

Beatrice Krauss, Ph.D.;

Executive Director; Director of Administration and Coordination; Director of Collaborations and External Relations

Administrative Staff

Dee Burton, Ph.D.;
(212) 481-4345
Director of Human Rights, Public Policy, and Health

Brian R. Davis, M.A.;
(212) 481-4075
Project Coordinator and Research Assistant
(Project Management and Operations)

Project Staff
Dee Burton, Ph.D.;
(212) 481-4345
Principal Investigator (Smoking Cessation)

Shawn McGinniss, M.S.Ed.
Former Research Coordinator (PATH-3); Trainer (Positive and Supporting Caring for People Living with HIV)
Brian R. Davis, M.A.;
(212) 481-4075
Project Director (Adolescent HIV Risk); Project Director (PATH-3)

Nga Lam Sze (Irene);
(212) 481-7579
Telephone Counselor (Smoking Cessation)

Xin Zeng (Cindy);
(212) 481-7579
Research Assistant (Smoking Cessation)

Internal Advisory Board
Philip Alcabes, Ph.D.;
(212) 481-4362
Associate Professor, Program in Urban Public Health College

Martin Dornbaum;
(212) 481-5129
Director of the Health Professions Education Center

Beatrice Krauss, Ph.D.;
(212) 481-4283
Executive Director, Hunter College Center for Community and Urban Health

Thomas Mehnert, M.B.A.;
(212) 481-5172
Former Chief Financial Officer, Hunter College Center for Community and Urban Health; Principal, Mehnert & Associates L.L.C.
Martha Nelson;
(212) 420-2034
Project Research Assistant, Chemical Dependency Institute, Beth Israel Medical Center
Abukarriem Shabazz
(212) 234-1660

Chief Executive Officer,
Phase: Piggy Back, Inc.


Consultants and other Advisors
Robert Kaplan, Ph.D.;
(212) 481-4692
Writing/Editorial Consultant, Writing and Communications
Shawn McGinniss, M.S.Ed.;
Educational Technology/Research Applications Consultant
Thomas Mehnert, M.B.A.;
(212) 481-5172
Fiscal Consultant, Fiscal Services

Junmian Sun;
(212) 481-7579
Telephone Counselor (Smoking Cessation)

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