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Activities and Events


McNulty Scholars End of the Year Celebration May 2014

To celebrate the end of the year, the 2013-2014 McNulty Scholars; McNulty Program Administrators Annemarie Nicols-Grinenko and Rachel Verni; and Graduate Assistant, Hannah Jaicks all gathered on May 14th for one final luncheon to share their experiences from conducting research this past year, their summer plans, and their future goals for next year.  This event was a send off to the graduating Scholars who shared their various exciting research and postgraduate plans.  It was also a chance for the Scholars who will be returning next year to talk about how they hope to build upon their research projects and continue to develop their professional skills as future scientists.  Lastly, it was an opportunity for everyone to share one more event with one another, further reflecting what academically talented and uniquely curious individuals this year's Scholar are. 


McNulty Scholars Luncheon With President Raab and Anne McNulty Spring 2014

On Wednesday April 9th, the McNulty Scholars attended a luncheon hosted by President Jennifer Raab.  At the luncheon, Scholars had a chance to meet and discuss their research and interests with Anne V. McNulty, the foundation's founder; her son Johnny McNulty, a foundation trustee; and Aprile Age, the foundation directormay go around the table and ask you all to introduce yourselves.  The luncheon was a celebration of the Scholars' work and the support that the John P. McNulty Foundation provides.  At the event, eight McNulty Scholars introduced themselves, their current research projects, their experiences presenting at the recent Hunter Undergraduate Research Conference (held March 5-6th, 2014), as well as their other passions and future ambitions.  This event was a fantastic way for the Scholars to convey how passionate they are about their pursuits and what the scholarship has meant to them.

McNulty Scholars End of Semester Luncheon Fall 2013

On December 11th, 2013, the McNulty Scholars and Program Administrators had the honor of hosting Dr. Ann Henderson, Associate Provost and Dean for the Sciences at the CUNY Graduate Science and Professor of Biological Sciences at Hunter College.  At the luncheon, Dr. Henderson spoke to the scholars about her experiences as a woman in a science discipline.  Her talk, "Women in STEMS; Does the US have a plumbing problem?," prompted a lively discussion by the scholars.  It was a chance for them to raise questions and voice their experiences as they begin and continue their paths in the STEM fields.  Also over lunch, the scholars shared updates about the progress of their research and their plans for the upcoming Undergraduate Research Conference in March at Hunter College.


Fall 2013 McNulty Scholars Welcome Luncheon

McNulty Program Administrators, Annemarie Nicols-Grinenko and Rachel Verni, and Graduate Assistant, Hannah Jaicks, welcomed the 2013-2014 cohort of McNulty Scholars at a luncheon held on Wednesday September 11th, 2013.  The new members of this year's cohort of McNulty Scholars include Rena Abramova, Ruth Hauptman, Nicola Kriefall, Rubana Rahman, Chhime Sherpa, and Esraa Soliman.  They were joined by returning scholars Alla Akselrod, Katarzyna Golec, Carol Hosny, Shajoti Rahman, and Jane Selegean, who are continuing to conduct their exciting research and serving as peer mentors to the new group of McNulty Scholars as well.  During lunch, the new scholars learned more about the research and professional development they will receive as McNulty Scholars and through their membership in Hunter’s Science Mathematics Opportunities Network (SciMON).  The lunch was also the first opportunity of the year for new and returning scholars to introduce themselves and learn more about each of their peers.

2012 McNulty Scholars Program Launch and Hunter College/SciMON Science Poster Day

On March 14, 2012, Johnny McNulty, Trustee of the John P. and Anne Welsh McNulty Foundation, Aprile Age, Director of the John P. and Anne Welsh McNulty Foundation  and Hunter College President Raab welcomed the inaugural cohort of McNulty Scholars at a luncheon to publicly kick-off the new John P. McNulty Scholars Program for Excellence in Science and Math at Hunter College.  Over lunch, the McNulty Scholars talked about the research they are conducting with their McNulty mentors and about their aspirations in science.  After lunch, Mr. McNulty, Ms. Age and President Raab accompanied the McNulty Scholars to the annual Hunter College/SciMON Science Poster Day, where the McNulty Scholars presented posters of their research.


2012 McNulty Scholars Spring Luncheon

On February 29, 2012, the McNulty Scholars and the program administrators met over lunch to discuss progress in their labs, the importance of developing professional networks, leadership in science and their upcoming presentations at Science Poster Day.


2011 McNulty Scholars Welcome Luncheon

On September 14, 2011, McNulty Program Administrators, Annemarie Nicols-Grinenko and Michele McNeill, invited the inaugural cohort of McNulty Scholars to lunch to welcome them to the program.  The first cohort of McNulty Scholars includes Vivienne Baldassare (Physics & Astronomy), Valentyna Erstenyuk (Psychology), Ann George (Psychology), Elena Guskova (Chemistry), Elen Gusman(Biological Sciences), Kathleen McGovern (Physics and Astronomy), and Mariola Szenk (Physics and Astronomy).   Over lunch, the group discussed opportunities available to the McNulty Scholars via their McNulty Mentors, their participation in the McNulty Scholars Program, and their membership in Hunter’s Science Mathematics Opportunities Network (SciMON).  The lunch was also a wonderful opportunity for the McNulty Scholars to meet and start to get to know each other.

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