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Mentorship Awards

Faculty who serve as mentors to undergraduate students play an important role in the students' success at Hunter and as scientists. We all know of instances in which students' lives have been changed as a result of the mentoring and guidance they received from their outstanding faculty advisors. In order to honor Hunter faculty who have this type of transformative effect on their students, in 2011, SciMON and the Office of the Provost established awards to recognize faculty for their outstanding mentorship of Hunter’s undergraduates.  These awards are intended to honor faculty who do an outstanding job of mentoring Hunter's undergraduate students in research and scholarship activities outside of the traditional classroom setting.


2015 Outstanding Undergraduate Mentoring Award Winners


Deepsikha Chatterjee, Theatre

Nancy Greenbaum, Chemistry

Donna Haverty-Stacke, History

Peter Moller, Psychology

Benjamin Ortiz, Biological Sciences



2014 Outstanding Undergraduate Mentoring Award Winners


Ronnie Ancona, Classical & Oriental Studies

Robert Jenkins, Political Science

Cheryl Harding, Psychology

Donna McGregor, Chemistry

Robert Raffaniello, Medical Laboratory Sciences



2013 Outstanding Undergraduate Mentoring Award Winners


Ignasi Clemente, Anthropology

Carmen Melendez-Vasquez, Biological Sciences

Lei Xie, Computer Science

Jana Feinman, Dance

Lisa Marie Anderson, German

John Loustau, Mathematics & Statistics

Shahana Mahajan, Medical Laboratory Sciences

Victoria Luine, Psychology

Jason Young, Psychology

Joel Bassin, Theatre


2012 Outstanding Undergraduate Mentoring Award Winners


Diana Bratu, Biological Sciences

Kelle Cruz, Physics & Astronomy

Michael Drain, Chemistry

Susan Epstein, Computer Science

Vanya Quinones-Jenab, Psychology



2011 Outstanding Undergraduate Mentoring Award Winners


Derrick Brazill, Biological Sciences

Noel Goddard, Physics & Astronomy

Donna McGregor, Chemistry

Regina Miranda, Psychology

Haydee Salmun, Geography