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The SEEK Learning Center offers tutoring in a broad range of courses, including introductory sciences, languages and core classes. Highly qualified and trained peer, graduate and professional tutors assist students with mastering their skills, and maximizing their potential for academic achievement. Program participants can set up an individualized session with a tutor by filling out an online form to make an appointment.


Anna Birbraer

"My name is Anna Birbraer. I am a Hunter College student pursuing a B.A. degree in Biochemistry. The subjects I tutor include Chemistry 100, 102, 104, 120, and 222. I enjoy getting to know the students and helping them develop problem - skills, which I hope will be useful to them throughout their academic careers."
Thomas Carboni
"My name is Thomas Carboni and I am a Hunter College Graduate with a BA in Earth Science, MA in Earth Science Adolescent Education, and a double minor in Mathematics and Geology. I have experience in tutoring courses such as Weather and Climate, Geology, Astronomy, Physics and numerous math courses ranging from College Algebra to Calculus. In addition, I can also tutor Music Theory. I enjoy tutoring because I love the challenge and enjoy elucidating rigorous material to those who need and want help in understanding it."
Hannah Gordon
"My name is Hannah Gordon, and I am a Boston University graduate with an MA from Teachers College in English. I have experience in tutoring grammar, research paper techniques, literature, and essays. I have done studies of students' essays, so I can understand their error patterns in order to identify their particular problems and help them correct their mistakes by themselves. I want students to feel like victors rather than victims of the writing process."
Kevin Jackson
"My name is Kevin Jackson. I graduated from Hunter College with a BA in English Literature, Language and Criticism and I am currently working on my MA in English Literature at Brooklyn College. As an English tutor I have covered material in various levels of college level literature, and expository writing. I have also tutored Classical Mythology, Theatre History, and Women and Gender Studies. What I like most about tutoring is seeing students using all of their efforts to improve themselves; it is nothing less than inspiring."
Jaber Janati
“My name is Jaber Janati. I am a student at Hunter College majoring in Computer Science with a minor in mathematics. I tutor mostly Computer Science courses up to the 200 level, and some math courses such as Calculus I and II. What I enjoy most about tutoring is helping students achieve that "aha" moment when they finally understand difficult material. I believe that every student has the ability to learn, but many become frustrated trying to grasp complex material. I like to break down and help explain these problems in a manner that is easy to understand.”
Khurram Khalid
"My name is Khurram Khalid and I received a BA in Biochemistry from Hunter College. I mainly tutor in science subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Biology. In addition I can also tutor in Biochemistry. I love tutoring because it gives me the opportunity to help people and I get to share my knowledge with other students. I like breaking down complex concepts into simple ideas so they are easy to understand and tutoring gives me the opportunity to do this with students who really want to learn."
Ken Lau
"My name is Ken Lau and I am a Hunter College Graduate with a BA/MA in Economics. I have experience in tutoring courses such as Eco 100, 200, 201, 300, and 301. I enjoy tutoring because it is a joy to see students be able to grasp concepts that were once difficult to understand and to be able to solve problems while applying those concepts."
Anh Le
"My name is Anh Le and I am currently an undergraduate student here at Hunter College. I am majoring in psychology, with a focus into the clinical field of this social science. I tutor various courses in Psychology such as Abnormal Psychology, Personality Psychology, Human Development, and Experimental Psychology as well as Statistical Psychology to some degree. I am honored to be of some help and use for my fellow SEEK peers in that I enjoy reaching out to those who need assistance in their academics, especially when it is the subject that I am passionate about. My one interest in tutoring is seeing the outcome of my tutees as opposed to just my income."
Michelle Li
"My name is Michelle Li and I'm currently an undergraduate at Hunter College majoring in Biochemistry and Statistics. A tutor is usually a private instructor who teaches one on certain subject areas. Not everyone understands what they learn the first time around so I would like to be the one who leads the student to their eureka moment! This feeling of satisfaction is why I like being a tutor. It's amazing feeling knowing that you were able to enhance one's knowledge. Although this is not going to change someone's life dramatically, it's still a huge deal for students to be able to build up their knowledge and confidence in the subject areas that I will tutor."
Tatyana Nisimova
"My name is Tatyana Nisimova and I am a Hunter College Graduate with a BA in Psychology. I am able to tutor most pre-nursing courses, such as Chemistry 100 and Statistics 113, as well as various Psychology courses. I enjoy tutoring because I love seeing students succeed in subjects they once found challenging."
Carmen Ou
"My name is Carmen Ou, and I’m an undergraduate at Hunter College, majoring in Biochemistry and Mathematics. I tutor Chemistry and math courses, ranging from College Algebra to Calculus. I love math and chemistry and I love how tutoring allows me to share my knowledge of these two subjects with students. Most importantly, I enjoy tutoring because it’s extremely rewarding to see students understand materials that were confusing just moments ago."
Ajatshatru Pathak
"My name is Ajatshatru (A.J.) Pathak. I have a BA degree in Political Science, a BS degree in Biology and a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree; all of my degrees are from CUNY. Currently, I am seeking a Master of Library Science (MLS) degree from Queens College. At the SEEK Program at Hunter College, I tutor Chemistry, especially pre-nursing level (e.g., Chem 100, 101, 120, and 121). I enjoy tutoring because I become happy when my students succeed academically. I really like to explain chemistry concepts and formulas to my students."
Carlos Pico
"My name is Carlos Pico. I am an advertising graduate from the School of Visual Arts in NYC and I love English writing. It is beautiful to be able to tutor writing because it is exciting to see students improve each time when they come to the SEEK Learning Center. I really believe improvement in writing can be made in small steps, which has a huge impact."
Chhime Sherpa
"My name is Chhime Sherpa. I am an undergraduate at Hunter College, majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Biology. As a tutor, I help SEEK students, who need help in Organic Chemistry, Biology, basic chemistry and college algebra. I think being able to help and share the knowledge I have acquired with other students who are needs help  is an amazing and rewarding experience for me;  therefore, I enjoy tutoring. I also work as an undergraduate research assistant at Hunter College in Dr. Holford’s lab, which focuses on understanding more about how marine snail venoms can be used for pain therapy or as an analgesic medicine.   As a research assistant, I work in synthesizing peptides, and analyzing them using HPLC and Mass spectroscopy.  As a tutor, I am also willing to share my educational experience in Hunter college both as a student and a research assistant with students, who want to learn more about undergraduate research opportunities,  any major in science, or just general information about Hunter college. "
Mohammed Uddin
"My name is Mohammed Uddin and I'm a passionate student of computer science. I'm pursuing a B.A in computer science. I enjoy the field soo much that I decided to tutor other students on the subject. I enjoy the process of teaching because even after learning the subject, often it proves to be a mutually educational experience to both the student and the teacher."
Daniel Whiting
"My name is Dan Whiting and I have a BA in Philosophy from Empire State College, SUNY and a MA in Philosophy from the CUNY Graduate Center. Among the subjects I have tutored are philosophy, astronomy, History, Religion, Archaeology, Political Science, Urban Studies 101, Geography 101 and 130, English, and Greek and Latin Roots of English."
Jasmine Williams
"My name is Jasmine and I am graduating in May with a BA in Mathematics. I tutor a range of topics from algebra to calculus and statistics. Mathematics is very challenging and so I strive to motivate students to understand the material their own way. I enjoy tutoring because it is self-gratifying to see students reach their academic goals."


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