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Course Submission Forms

The Common Core form already specifies learning outcomes relevant for the Common Core. The blank column to be filled in should provide information about how the proposed class meets and assesses those outcomes. Remember: You need to speak to all of the three universal outcomes, but you have a choice on the discipline-related outcomes, where you need to address 3 out of the 5 or 6 options. The total number must be at least six; we do not encourage you to go beyond that number (for practical reasons). The entries on the form should be brief (no more than 10 lines in the form) and may simply be shorter versions of what you have in your syllabus. It is important that your statements regarding learning outcomes on the Common Core form not only state what these anticipated outcomes will be, but also, how such outcomes are addressed in the class. The syllabus should provide some evidence, which you may refer to, e.g. by pointing out that critical comparison of various sources is assessed by asking the students to produce a research paper and practiced by giving students an opportunity to revise their papers.

Technical Matters:

Decide what Category/ies (“Buckets”) your departmental courses fit into and download the form for the appropriate Category/ies from the links below. We will show only those pages of the forms that are relevant for that category. You will need a different form with different outcomes for another category.

The Categories are the following:

REQUIRED CORE: (These three categories are highly restricted, do not propose here unless authorized.)

1. English Composition- ECo Form

2. Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning- MaQ Form

3. Life and Physical Sciences- LiPS Form


1. World Cultures and Global Issues- WoC Form

2. US Experience in Its Diversity- USE Form (This category is highly restricted, do not propose here unless authorized)

3. Creative Expressions- CrE Form

4. Individual and Society- InS Form

5. Scientific World- SWo Form