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Resolutions that passed the Hunter College Senate since it was established in 1971 until 2010.

Below is a chart containing important resolutions and reports brought to the Senate since its first meeting on March 14, 1971.  

Please note that this page is still being developed.

Administrative Committee

11-10-2010 Resolution Establishing a new Standing Committee on General Education
03-10-2010 Approved variance from Search Procedures for Search Committee for Dean of School of Nursing
02-24-2010 Resolution Establishing a new Standing Committee on Academic Assessment and Evaluation
04-22-2009 Establishment of Select Committee on Strategic Planning as a Sub-Committee of the Master Plan Committee
02-18-2009 Voting Crisis: Letter to CUNY Chancellor Schaffer
12-17-2008 White Paper: The Hunter College Senate and the Definition of Voting Majority
12-03-2008 Approved statement by Chair regarding NY Construction Law and Open Meeting Law. 
10-29-2008 Approved Special Search Waiver Request for Chief Operating Officer
09-10-2008 RESOLVED, that all courses given under the experimental special topics rubric, sponsored or otherwise, must be approved by departmental curriculum committees before they are offered. 
04-25-2007 Resolutions Establishing a Special Advisory Committee on Academic Functions at the Roosevelt House of Public Policy Institute (RHAC)
10-13-2004 Report by the Chair: “Respecting Governance at Hunter College” accepted. 
02-11-2004 Resolution Establishing Select Committee in Academic Integrity
02-11-2004 Resolution Establishing Special Advisory Committee on the Structure of the School of Arts & Sciences
02-11-2004 RESOLVED, that the Hunter College Senate opposes the adoption of the CUNY Proposal Concerning Permit Course Grades & GPA that will change the grading policies of the College.  
11-05-2003 Resolution Establishing Select Committee on First Year Experience
04-15-2003 RESOLVED, that the Hunter College Senate oppose the cut in base funding to the City University of $81.7 million, as well as the proposed cut in funding if the Tuition Assistance Program, the proposed cut in funding for the SEEK Program, proposed cuts to new faculty funding and the proposed cuts in funding for the childcare in the budget for the Department of Family Assistance in the proposed 2003-2004 Executive Budget
02-14-2001 Adopted Resolution expressing no confidence in the CUNY Board of Trustees
12-13-2000 Approved merger of the Graduate Course of Study Committee and Graduate Academic Requirements Committee, will be called the Graduate Couse of Study and Academic Requirements Committee 
09-13-2000 Resolution Establishing a Special Committee on the Hunter Honors Scholars Program
11-17-1999 Resolution Establishing Select Committee on Performance Measures & Outcomes Assessment
10-20-1999 Adopted Resolution Opposing Board of Trustee’s Articulation Resolution
12-02-1998 Resolution Establishing Select Committee on Student Life, Advising, and Retention
03-18-1998 Resolution reaffirming One-semester Remediation Policy
02-11-1998 Resolution Establishing Select Committee on Pluralism & Diversity Requirement

RESOLVED, that the Hunter College Senate urges the Administration to consult in advance with each department in whose discipline(s) Continuing Education classes will be offered in order to obtain the approval of the courses and faculty; and

FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Hunter College Senate authorizes no academic credit for courses offered by the continuing Education Program, and asks that the appropriate departments oversee evaluation of the Program’s instructors.  
04-16-1997 Approved the Reorganization of the Schools of Nursing and Health Sciences
12-11-1996 RESOLVED, that having expressed itself in opposition to the carrying of firearms by the security personnel on campus, the Hunter College Senate does not endorse the use of pepper spray on the campus, because of its potentially lethal or permanently injurious effects
12-06-1995 Resolution adopted concerning the 1995 Hunter College Affirmative Action Impact on Retrenchment Action. 
12-06-1995 Resolution on Elected Department Chairs adopted. 
10-25-1995 Resolution Establishing new Advisory Committee on Computing and Technology
02-13-1992 RESOLVED, that the Hunter College Senate strongly endorses the 1981 Board of Trustee statement that “the University pledges diligently to safeguard the constitutional rights of freedom and expression, freedom of association, and open intellectual inquiry of the faculty, staff, and the students of the University”, and we call upon the Chancellor and Board of Trustees of CUNY to reaffirm it. 
09-23-1993 Adopted resolution concerning delay in adjunct pay. 
09-23-1993 RESOLVED, that the Hunter College senate communicate to the Board of Trustees and the Chancellor our desire that the Acting President be chosen from within the Hunter community
12-12-1990 RESOLVED, that the Hunter College Senate condemns the recent acts of vandalism and threats in and outside of the History Department Office. We reject as destructive to the community any violent protest, physical or verbal. 
11-29-1989 Resolution Establishing a committee which shall review implementation of the new regulation concerning proficiency testing 
11-09-1988 Resolution Establishing Sub-committee to Review Procedures for Evaluation of Academic Administrators 
10-07-1987 Resolution Establishing Sub-Committee to Review the College Calendar
11-19-1986 Resolution Applauding those who helped create the Committee on Academic Freedom and Faculty Rights under the Hunter College Chapter of the Professional Staff Congress 
03-19-1986 RESOLVED, that the Hunter College Senate condemns the activities of Accuracy in Academia, and reaffirms the principals of academic freedom in the college setting. The Hunter College Senate applauds the statements made by President Shalala and Chancellor Murphy in denouncing the purposes and activities of Accuracy in Academia. 
11-19-1980 RESOLVED, that the Hunter College Senate reaffirm the principal that hiring, retention, promotion, and tenure decisions must originate in the department in which a faculty or staff member is to work. 
05-30-1972 RESOLVED, that whenever any member of the Administrative Committee is operating in official capacity at any meeting, he or she is obliged to report (1) the meeting; (2) the reason for the meeting; (3) the outcome of the meeting at the subsequent Senate meeting as part of the Administrative Committee Report.” 
05-30-1972 RESOLVED, that any time the Administrative Committee is convened to a meeting of any administrator, committee, or college-wide body, it is to be reported on at the subsequent Senate meeting as part of the Administrative Committee Report. 

Undergraduate Course of Study Committee

04-21-2010 RESOLVED, that hybrid & online course responsibility rest with the departments to ensure content, curriculum, etc. is updated and it must be approved by department curriculum committee or comparable body.
05-20-2009 RESOLVED, that the credit limit for Winter Session courses be changed from 3 to 4 credits.
05-06-2009 Approved new wording for Major/Minor in the academic catalog.
04-01-2009 Approved Procedure for Implementing New Minor Policy.
03-10-2004 RESOLVED, that students who entered prior to Fall 2004 have the choice of to graduate under the Distribution Requirement of General Education Requirement.
05-14-2003 Revision to the General Education Requirement making Writing its own separate requirement.
03-23-1988 RESOLVED, that a one year moratorium will be placed on all Distribution Requirement proposal and that this will not affect current pending proposals.
05-07-1984 RESOLVED, that approved courses that are for the major cannot satisfy the Distribution Requirement and no more than two courses per department can be applied to the Distribution Requirement.
02-29-1984 Approved changes in Remedial/Developmental Course Credits
11-05-1980 Revised Guidelines for the Submission of Curriculum Proposals.
02-20-1980 Approved new alphabetical designations and status report regarding course level changes.
12-05-1976 Approved batch report with course number changes due to implementation of “Guidelines for College-wide Definition of Course Levels.”
11-23-1976 Approved Procedures for Implementing Curricula Revisions. 

Graduate Course of Study and Academic Requirements Committee


RESOLVED, that the Hunter College Senate approve the establishment of a “Y” grade for graduate level courses; and, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the following be added to the section titled “Grades” on page 16 of the current Graduate Catalog: “Y = Year’s course of study—must continue to completion.”

05-02-2001 RESOLVED, that the Hunter College Senate approve the establishment of an “SP” grade; and, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the following wording be added under the heading “Grades” on page 12 of the current Graduate Catalog: SP= Satisfactory Progress – restricted to thesis and research courses requiring more than one semester for completion.
12-13-2006 Merger of the Graduate Course of Study and Graduate Academic Requirement Committees
03-27-1996 RESOLVED, that the Hunter College Senate adopt a Plus/Minus Grading System for graduate courses, running from A+ through C, and retaining F for failing work.
11-06-1991 RESOLVED, that the Graduate Academic Requirement Committee be instructed to consider a Plus/Minus Grading System, taking into account procedures that exist elsewhere in the system, and subsequently report to the senate.
11-06-1991 RESOLVED, that the Graduate Academic Requirement Committee be instructed to consider a Plus/Minus Grading System, taking into account procedures that exist elsewhere in the system, and subsequently report to the senate.
11-06-1991 RESOLVED, that the Graduate Course of Study Committee shall, by November 1992 report to the Senate on efforts of each graduate program or school to incorporate issues relating to diversity and pluralism in the curriculum.
03-29-1989 RESOLVED, that effective for the Fall 1989 semester, the grade of AB (Absent) be abolished for the graduate level.

Undergraduate Academic Requirements Committee

10-11-2006 RESOLVED, that all students who are readmitted to Hunter College after an absence of 10 or more years must adhere to the Undergraduate Catalog in effect at the time of their readmission, and in addition they are required to consult their major department concerning changes in course/degree requirements; AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this policy be implemented for students readmitted beginning Fall 2007.
05-19-2004 Approved Two Resolutions re: Validity of the CPE, Administrative and Financial Aspects of the CPE, and Requesting Action by the UFS on the CPE.
05-05-2004 Adopted Clarification of Transfer Policy for Non-degree Students
03-03-2003 Approved Policy for On-line Courses.
11-20-2002 Approved Academic Dishonesty Special “XF” grade.
04-03-2002 Approved Student choice to graduate under the GER or DR Option for Students matriculated prior to Fall 2001.
03-14-2001 Minimum GPA Requirement for Courses Designated for the Major.
12-13-2000 Approved Time Limit for Students to declare a major. 
03-22-2000 Approved limit on the number CR/NC option that students can use.
10-20-1999 Approved Modification of the Plus/Minus Grading System
05-12-1999 Approved requirement that SEEK Students on Probation can only take 6 credits.
03-24-1999 Revised Procedures for Withdrawing from Courses with W Grade.
03-24-1999 Change in Minimum GPA Requirement for Graduation with General College Honors.
05-20-1998 Students who do not pass the CUNY CMAT must enroll in MATH 020 and achieve CUNY Math proficiency while enrolled in course.
03-18-1998 Approved resolution reaffirming one-semester remediation policy.
12-11-1996 Joint UARC/UCSC resolution on one-semester remediation policy.
03-27-1996 Approved maximum number of credits that can be earned by outside examination increased from 24 to 30 and this revision be made to the appropriate section of Undergraduate Catalog. 
12-06-1995 In compliance with the Board of Trustees mandates on remediation the Hunter College Senate opted for the two semester sequence.
05-10-1995 Approved College-wide Graduation Requirement in Quantitative Reasoning—Physical Sciences 001.
05-12-1993 Revised the CR/NC Grading System.
05-20-1992 Revised the Course Repeat Rule.
03-04-1992 Adopted Plus/Minus Grading System
05-08-1991 Students fulfilling the requirements of two separate majors is released from the requirement of a minor only if the minor is waived by both major departments.
03-11-1987 Support of the English Department’s request for a waiver from CUNY regulations which would allow the use of “R” grade for ENG 120.
03-27-1985 Hunter College Senate as the duly constituted governance organization urges the Board of Trustees to reject any proposal which interferes with the right and responsibility of each CUNY College to set and maintain its own academic standards for degree candidates.
10-19-1983 For courses in which “R” grade is permitted by the Board of Trustees regulations, a student may receive such a grade only once in a given course. More than one”R” may be permitted only upon the recommendation of the instructor and with the approval of the coordinator of the course and a committee of coordinators of such courses.
05-04-1983 Senate rescinds endorsement on the statement on remedial courses placed before it by the Administrative Committee on 4-20-83 and will reconsider the entire matter on the basis of a full report from UARC.
11-03-1982 All students matriculated for the B.A. degree at Hunter, including transfer students with A.A. or A.S. degrees, must satisfy the Hunter College Distribution Requirements. Matriculated students with AA or AS degree must fulfill the distribution requirements for the particular BS program.
11-03-1982 Grades of graduating students may not be changed after the expiration of regular deadlines for grade appeals.
04-09-1980 Students who are applying for admission to graduate programs that have Official Polices of converting CR/NC grades to letter or numerical grades for use of computing GPA shall be permitted to request that the CR/NC grades be changed to Audit limited to a maximum of 6 credits and must be reviewed by an advisor.
04-09-1980 Remedial courses will be graded according to the standard system in effect in other college courses, with the exception to MATH 45,001 and Academic Skills Course 99 011, which will be graded CR, R, MC, or F.
12-05-1979 Endorsed Hunter College seeking Board approval for the 24 credit, High School Equivalency Program.
11-14-1978 RESOLVED, that when a student considers a WU grade to be unfair, he/she may appeal that grade up until the end of the sixth week* into the semester following receipt of the final grade, or three weeks after grades have been distributed, whichever is later.
05-02-1978 All students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA in courses designated for the major in order to be graduated
04-18-1978 All remedial course work will take precedence over all other work; therefore it shall be initiated when the student enters Hunter College and must be completed within the first 36 credits attempted. Student who fails to meet these requirements will be placed om probation and subject to dismissal
03-08-1977 Faculty members are allowed to submit grade changes from INC and ABS to the Registrar without approval by their department chair or dean, and must submit a copy to the department office
03-08-1977 Students in the Women’s Studies Program are exempt from completing the requirements for a minor, since they are obligated to fulfill the requirements of a double major.·
03-08-1977 Approved when a repeated course grade is the same as before (D or less) only one grade will be used for computation of the GPA.
02-25-1975 Revised the requirement for all Hunter College students to exhibit proficiency in mathematics
03-26-1974 CR and NC grades on students’ transcripts will be changed to letter grades. CR to “C” and NC to “F”.
05-22-1973 Students who have had college level math in a secondary school and passed the advanced placement test of the college entrance examination board with grades of 5, 4, or 3 are exempt from taking a corresponding course at Hunter.
04-10-1973 Approved course repeat option for students who have received a grade of D, F, or NC in a course.

Committee on the Budget

10-19-2005 Approved Proposed Budget Master Plan Request Committee
02-23-2005 Approved Resolution on Tuition or Fee Increases and Procedural Principals
03-06-2002 Approved Resolution on Formula Funding for Hunter College
02-21-1991 Executive Summary of Senate Budget Committee’s recommendation to President does not represent the will of the Senate and are submitted to President without the endorsement of the Senate
05-01-1985 Approved Letter to Chancellor Murphy urging reconsideration and allocation of more lines to Hunter.
12-06-1976 RESOLVED, that no further cuts be made in direct classroom instructional costs, Library, Registrar’s Office, and the College Computer Center until the ratio between administrative and instructional costs is re-evaluated by this body and approved by it.

Committee on the Calendar

12-14-2005 RESOLVED, that the Hunter College Senate approve the creation of Winter Session 2006 and three credit courses will be evaluated to ensure that they meet the standards for these courses approved. UCSC & GCSC will determine policies for course offerings in any future Winter Sessions.
05-02-1984 RESOLVED, that the senate charges its Calendar Committee to examine the summer session bell schedule along with their examination of the Calendar for the Fall and Spring term, and investigate other systems in order to determine which schedules best suits the needs of Hunter College.
04-11-1984 RESOLVED, that the issue of changing to a 4-day summer bell schedule be considered further, but that for this summer of 1984 the current schedule of 5-days be held in place.
12-07-1983 RESOLVED, that the current 13-week calendar be adopted for one more academic year, but further continuation of this calendar system be conditioned upon the findings of departmental self-studies.
10-10-1979 RESOLVED, that the present Special Committee on Registration and Procedures be dissolved, AND FUTHER RESOLVED, that the Standing Committee on the Calendar be assigned the responsibility to evaluate and if advisable recommend action on Registration Procedures.

Committee on the Library

05-20-2009 RESOLVED, that the Hunter College Senate call on the President to follow the recommendations of the Library Task Force and instruct the Library Planner to bring members of the Library faculty and staff into the planning for the renovation of library facilities, including regular meetings with the firm of Rogers Marvell, the firm hired to produce a library plan.
12-10-1986 RESOLVED, that 1987 be declared the Year of the Hunter Library Staff.
05-06-1981 RESOLVED, that the Senate commend President Donna Shalala for her efforts to obtain sizable additional funding for the acquisition of materials that the library was not able to secure during these years when funds for new acquisitions were virtually frozen.
05-21-1980 Revised Guidelines for Faculty borrowing privileges at Library.
04-24-1979 Approved Guidelines for Faculty Borrowing Privileges at the Library

Grade Appeals Committee

05-04-2005 Amendment to Grade Appeals Procedures: RESOLVED, that the phrase “all proceedings are confidential” does not apply to information that is legally require or to information that is required to implement CUNY or Hunter College policies.
10-15-1980 RESOLVED, that he Hunter College Senate mandates its Grade Appeals Committee not to accept grade appeals in cases where a charge of academic dishonesty is pending.

Nominating Committee

10-11-2006 RESOLVED, that in conformity with the recent Charter amendments for Standing Committees of the Senate, student representation on the following committees be changed to 2 students and 2 student alternates: Nominating Committee, Select Committee on Performance Measures & Outcomes Assessment, Select Committee on the First Year Experience, and Select Committee on Academic Integrity.
05-04-1983 RESOLVED, that the Nominating Committee report in writing to the Senate as soon as possible the procedures it follows in preparing its lists of nominations so that the Senate may have the opportunity to evaluate and, if desirable, modify them.
02-25-1975 RESOLVED, that seats of faculty committee members who are on sabbatical leave be declared vacant.
03-12-1973 RESOLVED, that any member of the Hunter College Senate shall be responsible for notifying the Senate office if they vacates their seat by means of resignation from the Senate, sabbatical leave, withdrawal from courses, change of status, etc. At-large student vacancy elections will be run by the appropriate student government.
03-12-1973 RESOLVED, Senate committee chairs shall communicate with the Nominating Committee when excessive absences by any committee member impede the work of the committee.

Master Plan Committee

02-14-2007 RESOLVED, that the Hinter College Senate formally adopt the Report by the Master Plan Committee to the Hunter College Senate dated 13 December 2006 and the President’s Report to the Master Plan Committee Dated 1 December 2006.
02-24-1999 RESOLVED, that the major priority of the Master Plan be the expansion and renovation of space at the 68th Street Campus and the acquisition and construction of research and teaching lab facilities within walking distance of the 68th Street campus for the sciences.
11-05-1997 Hunter College Master Plan Amendment; Site and Campus Analysis
12-02-1981 Response to the University Faculty Senate’s “outline of a Proposal for Effective Utilization of Faculty Resources,” and correction of UFS Minutes of the 105th Meeting.
03-19-1980 RESOLVED, that the Master Plan Committee survey all space allocation in the new and existing buildings and report to the Senate, making recommendations for policy action that it deems advisable.
05-01-1979 RESOLVED, that the Hunter College Senate declares that graduate education must continue to be an intrinsic part of the educational experiences if Hunter College.
04-18-1978 RESOLVED, that the Provost become a one person committee, and that the report be returned to the Master Plan Committee, and that, after broader dissemination to the larger community and further more systematic discussion, the Committee report back to the Senate.

Committee on Evaluation of Teaching

05-06-2009 RESOLVED, that the evaluation summaries of each class (but not verbatim comments) be made available by ICIT online, subject to the user’s authentication via Hunter Net-Id.
05-18-2005 RESOLVED, that teacher evaluations shall be conducted for all summer courses. The evaluations shall use the same form as the evaluations given during the fall and spring semesters.
05-18-2005 RESOLVED, that teacher evaluations for asynchronous (on-line) courses be administered.
04-14-2004 Approved new proposal for the distribution of Teacher Evaluation Questionnaires.
11-11-1993 Resolution to commit to the Teacher Evaluations Committee the recommendation on use of composite scoring for evaluations of instructor teaching.
02-27-1979 Adoption of the Pittsburgh instrument for the evaluation of teachers with some revisions in questions 3, 6, 14, 16, 20, and 23.
05-02-1978 RESOLVED, that original teacher evaluation materials be kept for a period of two years.
09-20-1977 RESOLVED, that the Senate instruct the Computer Center to distribute to the Regional Deans inly those sections of the Teacher Evaluation printouts pertinent to their own divisions. Two copies of the departmental evaluations are to be sent to each Department Chairperson, one to be retained by the Department and the other to be used to furnish individual evaluations for each faculty member.
05-03-1977 RESOLVED, to extend use of the present Questionnaire for one more semester.
02-15-1977 RESOLVED, that the Hunter College Senate grant permission for the Fall 1976 teacher evaluations of individuals being so considered, to be processed ahead of the other faculty upon the request of that individual, Department, or Division.
02-24-1976 RESOLVED, that the Senate direct the Committee on Teacher Evaluations to proceed immediately to develop a new and more generally acceptable questionnaire to take effect in the Fall of 1976.

Committee on Computing & Technology

02-14-2007 RESOLVED, that the Hunter College Senate strongly urges the College to implement the purchase of a content based web management system as soon as possible, but at least by September 2007 that would allow all appropriate departments and offices to add and subtract information on their own as they deem necessary
04-24-1996 RESOLVED, that the current Advisory Committee on Computing & Technology, as approved by the Senate on 25 October 1995, be established as a Standing Committee of the Senate.

Evening Council

11-30-1994 RESOLVED, that the ESC urges the Provost to collect data and study retention rates of evening students and urges the President to charge someone in the Provost’s Office with supervisory responsibilities for ensuring academic quality of evening programs and time completion of program of study for evening students.
02-27-1991 RESOLVED, that on an experimental basis for the academic year 1991-1992, Deans’ Hours be instituted from 5:30-7:00 PM on Wednesdays, with Monday/Wednesday evening bell schedule adjusted so that classes end thirty minutes later than in the current bell schedule.
05-09-1984 RESOLVED, that the Senate request the President to retain the title of Associate Dean for the Evening Session for this position.
03-11-1981 RESOLVED, that the President is requested to continue in formal communication and consultation with the Evening Session Council an d the Senate about all planning for Evening Session and for Returning Adults.
02-14-1978 Approved resolution on “Older” and returning students, non-matriculated “non-degree” students, and transfer of credits.

Committee on Academic Freedom

03-05-2008 Approved Procedures for Adjudicating and Academic Freedom Complaint.

Committee on General Education

04-13-2011 Approved Adoption of the Proposed CUNY Transfer Policy & Maintain Standards at the Senior Colleges.
05-19-2010 Approved Final Report on the GER Writing Requirement.
05-12-2010 Approved Revised Pluralism & Diversity Requirements.
03-04-2009 Approval of the minor being optional for all BA students & courses to fulfill a minor is determined by the department or program that offers the minor, or in the case of interdisciplinary minor a committee of faculty members.
05-21-2008 Endorsed the recommendation of the creation of the Associate Dean for General Education position.

Committee on Services and Facilities

09-24-1979 RESOLVED, that the Senate Committee on Services and Facilities be charged to look into the problems of the new elevator system and report back to the Senate on this matter at the next meeting.

Select Committee on Academic Integrity

05-11-2005 Adoption of the Hunter College Policy on Academic Integrity and use of commercial and non-commercial resources to further academic integrity.