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Committee on Evaluation of Teaching


Responsible for the preparation of standard guides for an evaluation questionnarie to provide opportunities, under its supervision, for some departmental variation in the details of the evaluation procedure; continuing review of the scope, validity, content, and efficacy of the questionnaires actually utilized; and the complilation, analysis, and publication of the data produces by such questionnaires in order to facilitate widespread understanding of the purposes and results of the evaluation procedures.


Designated Voting Members

  • Chairs(s)-Student
  • 7 Students
  • 5 Faculty members

Current Membership

  • Chair, Stephon Odom
  • Prof. Jewel Thompson, Music
  • Prof. Suzanne Babyar, Health Sciences
  • Prof. Gess LeBlanc, Educational Foundations
  • Alternate, Prof. Paul Feinstein*, Biological Sciences
  • Student, Sarah Shanaj
  • Student, Michael Mazzeo
  • Student, Marie Mazzeo
  • Student, Noam Sohn
  • Student, Elyas Amin
  • Student Alternate, Amisa Khatri

*subject to future ratification by the Nominating Committee and the Hunter College Senate

Report to the Senate