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Select Committee on Honors


The committee is charged with collecting and analyzing relevant institutional and program data, including the nature and variety of honors programs available to Hunter students, their standards and policies, teaching and financial resources required, program assessment criteria, and student outcomes. The committee shall collaborate with relevant College units, hold open meetings for community comment and input, make periodic reports to the body, and deliver a final report no later than May 2016, at which time the charge of the committee may be renewed.


Designated Voting Members

  • Chair(s): Faculty member(s) from the School of Arts & Sciences
  • 3 faculty from A&S: from sciences, social sciences, arts & humanities
  • 3 faculty at large
  • 3 students currently enrolled in honors, at least one of whom shall be a MHC student and one of whom shall be a THHP student
  • 1 Advising Services Director of Cohort Programs
  • Provost

Ex-officio Members

  • Coordinator for THHP
  • Coordinator for MHC
  • Chair, Undergraduate Course of Study
  • 2 Academic Coordinators
  • Dean of schools with undergraduates (or designees)
  • Directors of Admissions, Financial Aid, and Registrar (or designees)

Current Membership

  • Chair, Professor Rick Belsky, History
  • Prof. Jason Young, Psychology
  • Prof. Lynda Klich, Art & History
  • Prof. Owen Gutfreund, Urban Affairs and Planning
  • At-large, Ronnie Ancona*, Classical & Oriental Studies
  • Alternate, Sylvia Tomasch, English
  • Student, Ashley Siewnarine
  • Student, Julia Canzoneri
  • At-Large Student, Demi Moore
  • Advising Services, Elizabeth Wall O'Brien
  • Provost, Lon Kaufman/Stephen Lassonde

*subject to future ratification by the Nominating Committee and the Hunter College Senate


  • Coordinator for THHP, Gerald Press
  • Coordinator for MHC, Lev Sviridov
  • Chair of Undergraduate Course of Study Committee, Prof. Eckhard Kuhn-Osius, German
  • Dean of Schools with undergraduates, Robert Cowan
  • Acting Director of Admissions, Lori Janowski (acting)
  • Director of Registrar, Aylin Brandon

Reports to the Senate