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Thomas Mehnert

Thomas Mehnert, M.B.A., Baruch/Mt. Sinai Health Administration Program, is the former Chief Financial Officer and the Director of Fiscal Services, now working for the Center as a part time fiscal consultant. He has twenty-five years of experience in operations, regulatory compliance and quality improvement, primarily in the outpatient clinical service setting, and oversees all of the Center’s fiscal and budgetary quality assurance activities. In addition to establishing a Quality Assurance Department at a major rehabilitation center, Mr. Mehnert has developed two successful outpatient clinics for two different organizations that focus on individuals with special needs. Mr. Mehnert also serves as the Board Treasurer for the Partnership for Innovative Comprehensive Care, an agency providing residential, case management and day habilitation services for individuals with developmental disabilities. Mr. Mehnert was the Assistant Project Director for the International Center for the Disabled’s (ICD) landmark survey Bringing Disabled Americans into the Mainstream, the first national survey to ask individuals with disabilities about societal access and barriers, the results of which were cited by the U.S. Congress as the statistical justification for the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990).


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