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Initially established in 1985, the Health Professions Education Center was created as a learning center for students studying nursing and other allied health professions. The space was composed of two large teaching rooms with a one-way glass partition for observation work done by both Nursing and Communication Science students. A room with 12 individual media-study carrels, equipped with self-contained film-strip, slide, and VHS machines was also available to students. The HPEC hoped to establish an environment in which students could expand their knowledge and develop their skills.

In 1989, thanks to a grant from the Fuld Institute of Technology in Nursing Education, the center was expanded to include a Small Conference Room, a Computer Teaching Lab, a Computer Lab, and the Osborn Conference Room. The renovation not only provided more space to house our ever-growing media collection, but also increased space for small-group work, tutoring, self-paced computer instruction, and individual media-preview carrels. This integration was critical in allowing students to move through the videotapes, slides and other educational programs at their own pace; thereby improving students' retention of new materials, practice assessments, and other clinical skills without jeopardizing a patient's safety.

In 1992, the HPEC once more underwent a physical renovation, resulting in more floor space for the center to increase its media holding, integrate more computer-based learning through CAI's, and add small-group learning rooms, as well as a research support center. The division of space allowed the HPEC to increase rooms to direct individual and small group learning experiences.

Beginning in 2004, the Hunter Bellevue School of Nursing successfully implemented the original Becoming Excellent Students in Transition to Nursing (BESt) program with students from under-represented, minority, disadvantaged, and first-generation immigrant populations. Today, the BESt program is hosted through the HPEC and continues to provide nursing students with personalized learning outside of the classroom.

The Learning Center strives to create an environment that encourages and enables students to individualize their education through a variety of tools, and maximizes the effectiveness of instruction through innovative teaching methods.

The 3 Year Plan

The HPEC is working together with the Hunter College Administration and CUNY Architects to prepare for our campus and facility's transition to University City at LaGuardia College. We will continue to provide excellent, guided learning services to both students and faculty, maintaining our dedication to learning growth and development. We are currently preparing our media library and other resources for the move. It's no easy task, but we are on our way!

The 5 Year Plan

The HPEC looks forward to the new Science and Health Professions building being constructed on Manhattan's Upper East Side. With the prospect of uniting the Health & Science programs within one campus, the HPEC plans to seamlessly integrate our media and professional services in the new location. Unprecedented fellowship and research possibilities will result from this state-of-the-art space, giving the HPEC an opportunity to further improve our learning services and resources for all of the Hunter College Community. Congratulations to Hunter College and The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center on this momentous collaboration! For more information, click here.

More About Us Now..

Martin Dornbaum, MS Ed, is the Founding Director of the Health Professions Education Center (HPEC) at Hunter College.

HPEC Staff

  • Evening Supervisor:Peter Marquez
  • Morning Supervisor:Madison Guptill
  • Sasha Ramirez
  • Tyra Melvin
  • Yaeli Lora
  • Ariel Vargas

To contact the HPEC Staff please use our Contact Page.

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