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Smart and Enhanced Classrooms

Smart classrooms are equipped with a computer, internet access (ethernet cable), a ceiling-mounted data/video projector, a Crestron touchpad (media control panel), a VCR/DVD player with speakers, a CD/cassette player, and a document camera. The projector can also be connected to a laptop.

Enhanced classrooms at Brookdale include a computer, internet access, a data/video projector, and a VCR/DVD player with speakers. These rooms also offer laptop connectivity.

Please refer to the following chart for a detailed list of classroom features:

Classroom Comparison Chart   (Download PDF)
Room Room Type Seating Capacity PC w/ Internet Access Data/Video Projector Audio Speakers DVD/VCR Player Cassette Player Document Camera
W202 Nursing Lab 24    
W203  Chemistry Lab 16 Flatscreen    
W204  Biology Lab 20    
W205  Biology Lab 20    
W218 Enhanced Classroom 144
(& Wi-Fi)
W232 Smart Classroom 113
(& Wi-Fi)
W235 Enhanced Classroom 116
(& Wi-Fi)
W237 Enhanced Classroom 119
(& Wi-Fi)
W245 Teaching PC Lab 14 DVD only    
W401 Enhanced Classroom 12 Flatscreen    
W403 Enhanced Classroom 12 Flatscreen    
W405 Research Meeting Room 10 Flatscreen    
W417 Enhanced Classroom 34-40    
W517 Enhanced Classroom 34-40    
W601  Enhanced Classroom 18 Flatscreen
W603  Enhanced Classroom 18 Flatscreen    
W605  Enhanced Classroom 18 Flatscreen    
W614  Enhanced Classroom 16 Flatscreen        
W617  Enhanced Classroom 10 Flatscreen        
W628  Enhanced Classroom 12 Flatscreen
W715 Enhanced Classroom 18    
W722 Sim Lab 10 Flatscreen    
W1000A Classroom 16 Flatscreen        
W1024 Meeting Space 15 Flatscreen        
E015 Open PC Lab 17    
E016 Teaching PC Lab 33    
E101 Enhanced Classroom 38    
E102 Enhanced Classroom 23    
E103 Enhanced Classroom 38    
PC Lab
Open PC Lab 30     DVD only    
HPEC Learning Center HPEC Lab 20    
Osborn Room Meeting Space 34    
East Lounge (Gebbie Room) Meeting Space 34    
Auditorium Meeting Space 884    
Additional Instructional Classrooms   (Download PDF)
Room Room Type Seating Capacity A/V Equipment
E001 PT Lab/Classroom 25 Computer-Projection Carts
E002 PT Lab/Classroom 50 Computer-Projection Carts
E003 PT Lab/Classroom 50 Computer-Projection Carts
E104 MLS Lab/Classroom 20 Computer-Projection Carts
E105 MLS Lab/Classroom 25 Computer-Projection Carts
E106 MLS Lab/Classroom 18 Computer-Projection Carts

Computers and Software at Brookdale

All instructor computers in Smart and Enhanced Classrooms have Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access), SPSS/PASW statistical software, and Adobe Reader, in addition to standard Windows applications (Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, Windows Movie Maker, etc.).

  • For a chart detailing the specifics of each instructor computer, please click here.

On the Mezzanine, the ORGS PC lab is available for faculty and research center staff use. All computers located in lab have Windows 7, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat X Pro, SPSS 24, and SAS 9.2. In addition to the aforementioned programs, several of the ORGS computers also include QSR NVivo 8, Adobe Creative Cloud, and EMS Orion.

Resources in the ORGS lab are reserved for grant writing and research-related purposes only.

The following equipment is available from the HPEC:

  • Computer w/ Projector
  • Overhead
  • Slide
  • Opaque
  • 16mm
  • Document Camera

  • Portable Sound System w/ Mic and Podium
  • Mic Stand
  • CD Players
  • Cassette Players
  • Boom box
  • Phonograph
  • Digital Still Camera (DSLR) w/ Flash Unit
  • Mini DV Recorder
  • Flip Cameras
  • VHS Camcorder
  • Tripods and accessories
  • DVD Camcorder
Video Playback
  • DVD Players w/TV
  • ½” VHS Players w/TV
  • Laser Disc Players w/TV

Faculty Training on Classroom Equipment

Faculty members must receive equipment training by HPEC staff before they can begin using smart or enhanced classrooms. In addition to training, the HPEC also has reference guides for any questions relating to the use of classroom equipment.

SMART Classroom Tutorial (PDF) — View print version

Duplication Services*

HPEC offers duplication services for the following media formats:

  • VHS to VHS
  • DVD to VHS (and vice versa)
  • CD to CD
  • ¾ to VHS
  • Mini DV to all video formats
  • DVD to DVD
*HPEC can not duplicate copyrighted materials without authorized written consent from the copyright holder.

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