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Video Catalog Search

Students, faculty, and staff can search through thousands of video records using our online video catalog when connected to the Hunter College network. Please read the directions below before using.

HPEC Online Catalog HPEC Online Catalog

Searching the Catalog

At the login page, choose Guest Account and click the Login button. You do not need to enter a username or password.

Once logged in, click on the magnifying glass1 to search.

You can adjust how results are displayed by choosing Form, List, or Table under the View As2menu.

Enter a keyword in either the title or description fields and click Perform Find3 on the right-hand panel.

For best results, start with simple search terms using one word at a time, like "HIV" or "Nutrition," and repeat your search using related terms. Entering partial words may provide more results; For example, searching for "immun" might return results with the words immune, immunity, immunization, immunology, immunotherapy, and so on.

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Please see calendar for any schedule changes.

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