Health Professions Education Center
Alpha/Beta Testing
For over 15 years, HPEC has served as a beta test site for numerous film, video, and computer software developers. HPEC coordinates the comprehensive evaluation process by pairing content with knowledgeable reviewers in their respective fields, providing producers with critical feedback and complete product review.

Evaluation Process

HPEC reviews each software program using a complex evaluation process consisting of 3 stages. During the first stage, designated faculty, staff, and students take the product through a protocol of testing procedures according to the custom Beta Testing Plan, to evaluate the effectiveness of the program's content and instructional design. During the second stage, the product is evaluated for cross-platform functionality. During the third stage, the product is put through extensive structured functionality testing. Reviewers are matched with software based on their area(s) of expertise, research or clinical interests, and/or academic program of study.

HPEC encourages companies to donate locally installed products or grant online access in exchange for a professional product review, free of charge. If your company would like to learn more, please contact us.

Get Involved

We welcome all faculty and students to preview any materials currently under review. If you would like to be involved with a future product review, please contact us. Your involvement helps HPEC continuously update its media holdings with the latest instructional software packages.

Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday
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9:00am to 5:00pm
Please see calendar for any schedule changes.

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