Office of Research and Grant Support
ORGS Awards

  1. Professor Bernstein
    • PSC-CUNY Grant: Psychometric Evaluation of the Post-Traumatic Growth Inventory for Korean Americans
  2. Professor Byrnes
    • PSC-CUNY Grant: Facilitators and Barriers to Reproductive Health Information for Women and Men Living with HIV/AIDS
  3. Professor Cutugno
    • PSC-CUNY Grant: Preventable Readmissions: What Can We Change?
  4. Professor Sharoff
    • PSC-CUNY Grant: Is the CUNY Nurse Educator Prepared to Teach Genetics/Genomics?

  1. Professor Ganzer
    • Clinical and Translational Science Center: Effects Of Type 2 Diabetes And Glycemic Control On Brain Amyloid Deposition In Non-Demented Adults
    • Award: $100,000
  2. Professor Roye
    • National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities: Deciphering Specific Risk Behaviors for HIV Transmission in Women
    • Award: $18,339
    • RCMI-funded Gene Center: Towards An Understanding of Heterosexual Anal Intercourse and its Role in HIV/AIDS Transmission and Disparities in HIV/AIDS Prevalence Among Women in New York City
    • Award: $5,000

  1. Dean McCain
    • Hunter-Bellevue Nursing Fund New York Community Trust
    • Award: $215,000
  2. Professor Aponte
    • The Hispanic Pilot Program: Community Health Workers Weill Cornell Medical Center/NIH
    • Award: $42,660
  3. Professor Arnold & Professor Roye
    • Clinical & Translational Science Center Joan & Sanford I. Weill Medical College of Cornell University
    • Award: $142,787
  4. Professor Griffin-Sobel
    • New York City Education Consortium in Technology HHS/Health Resources Services Administration
    • Award: $264,599
    • Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation: Developing Transdisciplinary Education at Cornell Hunter (ITEACH)
    • Award: $280,669
  5. Professor Nickitas
    • Methods & Strategies for Student Assessment National League of Nurses
    • Award: $9,842
  6. Professor Nirenberg
    • CTSC & Weill Cornell Medical College: Community Engagement Award: Using Mobile Health Technology to Improve Care and Reduce Pain for Older Patients
    • Award: $40,000
    • PSC-CUNY: Distress Experience in Women with Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer
    • Award: $3,182.28
    • Coordinated Undergraduate Education (CUE):Evaluating the RN Pathway Program: Graduates and Employers Perspectives
    • Award: $3,440
  7. Professor Nokes
    • Clinical & translational Science Center: Joan & Sanford I. Weill Medical College of Cornell University.
    • Award: $42,787
  8. Professor Keepnews
    • Hunter College President's Fund for Faculty Advancement:Mandatory Influenza Vaccination For Health Care Workers: Implications For Health Policy And Practice
  9. Professor Cutugno
    • Hunter College President's Fund for Faculty Advancement: Geriatric Trauma: The Challenge of Prevention of Complications"

  1. Professor Todaro-Franceschi
    • PSC-CUNY:Enhancing Perceptions of Preparedness and Ability to Care for the Dying and Transforming Professional Quality of Life
    • Award: $5,992.36
  2. Professor Keepnews
    • Roosevelt House Associates Research/Travel Grant:Nursing, media and public policy: An analysis of the profession's response to the ProPublica series on the performance of the California Board of Registered Nursing
    • PSC-CUNY: The Development and Impact of Immigrant Nursing organizations
    • American Nurses Foundation: Mandatory Influenza Vaccination For Health Care Workers: Nursing Responses And Policy Implications
  3. Professor Cutugno
    • PSC-CUNY:An Interdisciplinary Approach to Defining Preventable Readmissions on the General Medical Service
  4. Professor Bernstein
    • The Korean Academy of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing:Schizophrenia: Medication Non-Adherence And Evidence Based Nursing Care

  1. Professor Cutugno
    • PSC-CUNY research grant for pilot study, Geriatric Trauma:The Challenge of Prvention of Complications
  2. Professor Todaro-Francheschi
    • PSC-CUNY Grant #41 entitled, Changing Death Experiences in Health Care: Exploring the Use of Vignettes and Focused Group Discussion to Promote Completion of Advanced Directives
    • Award: $3,310.20

  1. Professor Baumann
    • PSC-CUNY Award # 62456-00 40 entitled, Reducing pressure ulcers in long term care: A comparison of models.
    • Award: $2,600.00
  2. Professor D'Amico
    • PSC-CUNY 40 Research Award for, Improving interdisciplinary charting of pressure ulcer risk and prevention strategies, research to be completed at Hospital for Special Surgery
    • Award: $3,200.00
  3. Professor Mahon and Dr. Nickitas
    • PSC-CUNY Grant Exploring Perceptions of Clinical Nursing Faculty, Nurse Preceptors, and Nursing Students Perception of Documentation Skills.
    • Award: $4,600.00
  4. Professor Nokes
    • PSC-CUNY Research Award entitled, Refining a personal health record intervention for persons with HIV.

  1. Professor Acee
    • PSC-CUNY grant entitled, Diabetes & Depression in Hispanics at a Community Health Center. Award # 60009-38-39. 7/1/08-July 1, 2009.
    • Award: $2,445.00
  2. Dr. Roye
    • PSC-CUNY- Enhanced Video to Prevent HIV/AIDS in Urban Female teens.
    • Award: $6,000.00
  3. Professor Todaro-Franceschi
    • PSC-CUNY Grant #39 entitled, Changing the Face of Death: A Pedagogic Intervention, 2008-2009
    • Award: $5,035.00